Top 5 Kids’ Games For iPhone 2021

It is amazing to see how far technology has advanced to allow the kids of this age to comprehend and enjoy some of the most complex, well designed, intricate, and expertly created digital games that the tech world has to offer. Gone are the days of board games and primitive consoles. Most of the kids of today would much rather prefer to spend their free time playing games on their devices.

The benefits of making mobile games accessible to and understandable for children is undeniable. Many of these games are educational and interactive along with being fun, which encourage a child’s intellectual and cognitive growth while having fun. It is an additional bonus that the highly engaging nature of these games has often saved many a parent from having to handle a fussy child while travelling in public transport or working from home. Given the numerous advantages of kids’ games, we only saw it fit to compile a list of the top 5 kids’ games for iPhones in 2021.

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Netflix’s Games will be Offered on the Apple App Store, say Reports

Netflix has officially launched its mobile gaming service as of a few weeks ago. While the game service is only available for Android users at the moment, the streaming giant has said that it has an iOS version in the works. According to Bloomberg technology reporter Mark Gurman, however, the Apple App Store has policies in place that will bar Netflix providing games from the app.

Apple’s App Store policy states that external apps cannot be allowed to serve as game stores or hubs, which has already become a source of conflict with Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and other cloud gaming services. The only path left for these cloud gaming services is to follow in Facebook’s footsteps and use a web app to provide their games.

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“Retro Widget” Brings Nokia’s Classic Snake II Game To iPhone And Apple Watch

1976 was primarily when the original Snake game manifested, evolving through time and gaining huge popularity. Soon after, in 1998, the game was included by Nokia on its cellphones as Snake II. Multiple versions of the game have been witnessed on different platforms ever since. Currently, with the same number key controls through the widget support with the Retro Widget 2 app the original Snake II is now available on iPhone. Read More

Why Online Is The Way To Play Roulette

Roulette is a casino classic, which has withstood the test of time. It’s impossible to envisage a casino scene without picturing the devil’s wheel, with its red and black segments. It’s also the excitement and anticipation that surrounds the table – the social vibrancy that fills the casino floor with revelers willing the player on – that makes it a popular choice. But these days, you don’t need to travel to a land-based casino to get your Roulette fix. Online casinos are becoming a more popular option and here, we list five reasons why. Read More

Earn Money Playing Games Online

There are real money games out there, you just have to find the right ones. In this article, we will talk about the best ways to earn real money for playing games online. From casino games to puzzles, there are thousands of terrific games you can play online. How about you sweeten the deal by playing and earning money on the side. We are not talking about going after games that pay virtual cash that may or may not convert into any real income. However, we need to also clear the air on the money you can make playing these games. Read More

Japan’s Fascination With Mobile Games In 2020

By now, everybody knows how much Japanese people adore video games. Just look at how many of the globe’s top games down the years have been created in the Land of the Rising Sun. Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Zelda and, going way back, there’s PacMan and Space Invaders too!

Yes, Japan is the spiritual home of video games. In 2020 however, more and more people across the nation are ditching classic console games in favor of mobile offerings. From first-person shooters to online casinos, gaming in Japan is very much heading the way of the mobile console. Read More