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Top 5 Free Racing Games For iPad

Racing GamesThe App Store is crawling with tons of games, but the main problem that everyone faces is the question: which racing game is worth my time? You may have already downloaded and played some racing games, but were they any good, did they excite you? We, at TheAppleGoogle, have compiled the Top 5 Free Racing Games for iPad, so all you need to do is download, play and enjoy! Read More

Kung Fu Fox for iOS Is Sure To Keep You Hooked

kungfufoxKung Fu Fox in one sentence involoves simple game controls with addicting gameplay. Kung Fu Fox includes 72 levels which are split into day and night modes (36 each). The mechanics of Kung Fu Fox are rather simple, all you have to do is draw your line of fire and shoot your weapon. But you have to work your way over and under walls and other obstacles. The App is deisgned very well, the graphics look great on the Retina Dispay, showing great colour and good detail.

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Top 5 iPod Click Wheel Games

These Touches and Pads have tasted utter success and are sending every other gadget in town to the graveyard of technology. They have dominated the market and even the iPods appear to be lost in the dark. Of-course there aren’t 160,000 Apps for iPods but here are some games which would help your iPod get it’s wind back.

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Gameloft Offers Games For $0.99 – Celebrates iPhone 4 Release

Gameloft Game

Celebrating the release of the next generation iPhone, Gameloft has decided to reduce the price of some it’s games to $0.99. This is a limited time offer and users could download popular titles such as Gangstar, GT Racing, Brothers in Arms, Shrek Kart, Assassins Creed, NOVA and even UNO for only $0.99.

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Gangstar West Coast Hustle HD Arrives on iPad

Gangstar – West Coast Hustle, a popular game, like Grand Theft Auto has now arrived on the iPad. Gameloft, the developer behind this popular RPG game has announced the arrival of the powerful and interesting game on the iPad.

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