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Kids – Play Exciting Pirate Based Adventure Games In Tales of Pirates for iOS

talesofpiratesSail your pirate ship across a challenge filled ocean with Tales of Pirates for iOS. Tales of Pirates is a collection of 13 different mini-games, all requiring some degree of manual dexterity to complete, and all strung together with a simple plotline of getting your pirate ship to sail a route through various sea features. Read More

Explore New Worlds and Pick Up New Friends in Fable Kingdom HD for iOS (REVIEW)

fablekingdomGame Garden has released another exciting game, Fable Kingdom HD that offers players massive maps, multiple quests, a chance to meet new friends and exciting characters, and build cities. The game is loosely based on their previous release Fairy Farm. Fable Kingdom HD is a fantasy-city-builder game with a classic but still very exciting good versus evil theme. The story revolves around a prince who meets a princess and falls in love. The princess is captured by an evil witch but the prince rescues the princess, unfortunately, he was not able to vanquish the witch and the witch returns to seek revenge. Read More

Draw Something 2 Is Now Live On The App Store In Sweden

Draw Something 2Draw Something 2 is now live on the App Store in Sweden. After being acquired by Zynga for $200M, Draw Something 2 and Draw Something 2 Free are now available on the App Store in Sweden as Sweden was the first country where the App became a hit initially. The App will slowly be made available globally. The Draw Something 2 App is for $2.99 while Draw Something 2 Free is available for free. Read More

Have Fun While Reading in “Kids Reading” for Android (REVIEW)

There’s no doubt that nowadays the younger generation is much more engaged into technology, than we were when we were young. Many developers took advantage of this scenario and developed some amazing and unique applications, to help children have fun with technology, while they learn their basic skills! One such app, is called “Kids Reading,” which is what we are going to be reviewing. In short, it is an amazing application, geared towards preschool kids. Read More

DevDialogue – Interview With The Developers of Wave Trip for iOS

wavetripWave Trip for iOS is an incredible game that recently got featured by Apple. The game has been developed by “Lucky Frame” and sports a gorgeous user interface that is surrounded by the entire idea of music creation. We recently talked to the developers at Lucky Frame to get a behind the scenes picture, understand about their marketing techniques and how they managed to get featured by Apple. Read More

Topzie for iOS Review – Air Hockey With A Twist

Overview: Topzie, is a Soccer – Air Hockey hybrid, which is a brand new type of game, on the App Store. Released at the end of January, it still has a long way to go. Read on for our full, in-depth and detailed review of the game. Read More

Blo-Ball Soccer Is A Retro and Original Soccer Game for Mac

Blo-Ball Soccer App LogoGames for the Mac come in many different varieties, some sophisticated, and some intended for casual use. Blo-Ball Soccer fits directly into the casual category. The developers at Carbon Iced Ltd have developed their game for optimum use on short coffee breaks and lunchtimes. Blo-Ball Soccer is a simple game, which allows you to play soccer against an automated player generated by your computer. With Blo-Ball Soccer you can have a fun few minutes scoring goals by way of dragging the player you wish to operate in the direction of the ball, whilst competing with the opposition. During gameplay, you will be presented with a clear view of the game you’re playing, what the current score is and a clear differentiation between the two teams. Read More

After Burner Climax Is Coming to iOS

After Burner ClimaxSEGA has today announced that its popular After Burner Climax, the elite aerial dog fight game is coming to iOS devices. After Burner was an arcade game back in the early days, but was soon ported to the Xbox and PlayStation Network. Noticing the huge increase of iOS games, SEGA has finally decided to land the popular flight game on iOS devices. Read More

Haypi Monster for iOS – The Battle of Monsters Begin (REVIEW)

haypi monsterHaypi Monster for iOS includes some of the concepts from Pokemon and is wrapped around a gorgeous interface. The App is coming from the popular App development company Haypi who have already have hits on the App Store. Haypi Monster is an awesome App in which monster battle each other and the one who uses the right combination of powers wins. Read More

Ninja Volley 2013 for Android – Volleyball With Ninjas (REVIEW)

ninja volleyNinja Volley 2013 for Android is an absolutely incredible 2D volleyball game for Android. The graphics are simply stunning and the way in which Ninja Volley presents the gameplay is enticing. It give you a complete volleyball game experience. Instead of a simple volleyball game, Ninja Volley tackles things with a twist, you’ve got ninjas playing volleyball. Read More