Challenge Your Vocabulary With Letroca for iOS and Android

letrocaQuite a lot of us are in constant desire to pick up new words and use them often. Letroca word game gives you a challenge to remember as many of those words again. It gives you a few alphabets and all you have to do is make as many word combinations using the letters available. It doesn’t limit you to the alphabet count while jumbling. Make as many three letter, four letter and so on words (yes, meaningful!) depending on the total alphabets given. Read More

Rovio’s Latest Published Game, ‘Tiny Thief’ Hits The App Store

tinythiefRovio, the brilliant masterminds behind the most successful game, Angry Birds, have evolved into an App publishing company for quite some time. Their first published game being Icebreakers: A Viking Voyage. And now, they have just published their latest game, developed by ‘5 Ants,’ called ‘Tiny Thief,’ on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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Sort Veggies In PostHarvest for iOS


PostHarvest is an exciting new game in which your objective is to manage an entire farmhouse. From sorting vegetables to clearing out the trash, everything is in your control. It’s an arcade game and you need to become the master of your farm. Once the veggies from the farms are ready, they are placed on a conveyor belt. You need to quickly sort the veggies from the trash. You get extra points for picking up hardcore stuff like dino bones and you also win cash along the way for picking up the right veggies. Read More

Last Match For iOS – Good Enough To Light Up Your Phone Screens?

lastmatchLast Match is described as “a simple folk game” by its developer Maxim Makarenko and unfortunately that’s exactly what it is – simple. There are three rows with three, five and seven matchsticks respectively. A player can remove any number of matches from one row. To win you have to leave just one match for your opponent. Initially, you may feel that the game is hard, but after only a few times you realise that there are one or two arrangements of the matches which would allow you to win every time. Also, like noughts-and-crosses, after just two or three moves it’s evident whether you are going to win or lose a particular game. Read More

Relativity Wars for iOS and Android – A Brilliant New RTS Game

relativitywarsAfter its success on Xbox, Relativity Wars has launched on iOS and Android. It’s a great new RTS (Real-time strategy) game which obeys Einstein’s theories of relativity. The universe is laid out as a grid which curves around planets and stars, warped by their gravitational force. Battleships have to fly at the speed of light to avoid being pulled in by the planets and to make sure that their passengers don’t age and die before they reach their destination. Space/Time Waves are used as weapons to send a shock wave through the galaxy, destroying everything in its path. And you get to play God. Read More

Save The Princess In I Need A Hero App for Android

ineedaheroI Need A Hero is a free Android based app by Mad Hat Games that feels like a new take on classics. The story line itself is a classic “save the damsel in distress” theme. The player will be a hero or knight commissioned by the king to find his daughter that is kidnapped by a dragon. The player will be going through many adventures and battles with horrible but quirky creatures like goblins, witches, and dragons. The player also goes about in the game gathering gold and crystals to purchase potions and spells to be used to heal yourself or attack your enemy. The player is aided by his trusty pageboy and his donkey and together the trio aims for fame, gold, and glory. Read More