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Phantom Flower — Can You Stop The Raindrops? (Review)

phantom flowerPhantom Flower, developed by Matthew Cox, provides a high speed and thrilling gameplay that will keep you under its spell for quite some time. Featuring a simple and yet a mesmerizing gameplay, Phantom Flower is a fun game that puts your reflexes to the test. Read More

Know All Celebrities? Play Celebrity Picture Quiz for iOS

celebpqCelebrity Picture Quiz is a brand new App that has made its way to the App Store. The idea is simple – guess celebrities – their name or their reason for fame and you will earn points. The UI is extremely well laid out and the gameplay is smooth. When you start, you will be presented with celebrities that are well known, but as you progress, guessing the names of the celebrities would eventually become a lot harder. Read More

Rush&Fantasy – A MMORPG Game With A Lot Of Features

rushnfantasyRush&Fantasy, developed by UBINURI, provides a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) experience in a small package. Rush&Fantasy gives a single player and multiplayer feel with or without the world. Read More

“Can You Escape” For iOS – For The Detective In You

canyouescapeIf you enjoy solving puzzles and clues to reach to a solution, you’ll love the game “Can You Escape”. The game is by Kaarel Kirsipuu, who has a list of escape games to his credit. Can You Escape has 8 levels and task at each level is to solve the puzzle by finding hidden objects or coded numbers in the room in order to advance to the next level. When you enter the room you look around and click on objects, enlarge them to look for clues. Sometimes you even have to solve mathematical puzzles, some color correlations and more to reach to the final key to unlock the door. The difficulty grows at each level, and this keeps the player glued. Read More

Challenge Your Vocabulary With Letroca for iOS and Android

letrocaQuite a lot of us are in constant desire to pick up new words and use them often. Letroca word game gives you a challenge to remember as many of those words again. It gives you a few alphabets and all you have to do is make as many word combinations using the letters available. It doesn’t limit you to the alphabet count while jumbling. Make as many three letter, four letter and so on words (yes, meaningful!) depending on the total alphabets given. Read More

Transform Your iOS Device Into A Custom Controller With Custom Control Pad

ccpiconCustom Control Pad (CCP), developed by FrozenPepper, allows you to completely convert the display of your iPad and iPhone into a personally chosen keyboard or, much better, into a joystick that works flawlessly with your PC and Mac. Read More

Dragon Bane Elite Is A Free MMORPG That’s Good

dragonbaneDragon Bane Elite, developed by Digital Cloud Limited, is a free MMORPG game that takes you on a mystical journey with the dragons. If you might be a fan of RGPs and dragon slaying, it is a freebie worth checking out. Read More

Review – City Of Splendors for Android and iOS

cityofsplendorsCity of Splendors is a 3D MMO or, particularly, MMORPG action style game that is compatible across all iOS devices and Android devices. City of Splendors is wildly immersive and takes players into a complete fantasy world of their own and it is one of its kind. Read More

Rovio’s Latest Published Game, ‘Tiny Thief’ Hits The App Store

tinythiefRovio, the brilliant masterminds behind the most successful game, Angry Birds, have evolved into an App publishing company for quite some time. Their first published game being Icebreakers: A Viking Voyage. And now, they have just published their latest game, developed by ’5 Ants,’ called ‘Tiny Thief,’ on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Read More

Test Your Vocabulary With Text Tumble HD With Tibbs For iPad

tibbsFor those who are bored of scrabble and crosswords, and who are constantly looking to exercise and broaden their vocabulary, Tap ‘n Cap Apps have released a new word game App: Text Tumble HD With Tibbs. They describe it as a jumble-crossword hybrid; easy enough to get into, but challenging enough to tax the brightest brains. Read More