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Top 5 Funny Apps for iPad

Funny iPadWork is highly important to all of us, but we all need to have some time out to enjoy things and have fun once in a while. There are some incredible Apps developed by witty developers that will bring you enjoyment to what might have been, a very dull day. Read More

Google’s Brilliant Twitter Marketing for Google Maps for iOS

Google Maps iOSEvery developer knows that it is extremely hard to market an App in this crowded App ecosystem. Well, Google released Google Maps for iOS yesterday and they used the power of their massive following on Twitter to spread the word about their latest creation. Our favorite is the one sent out via @gmail. Funny. Read More

3 Android Apps To Make You Laugh

android laughIn this post, we will take a look at the Apps that are designed to make you laugh. We continue our journey to present to you the very best Android Apps that surely do deserve a place on your device. Here are the top/best three Apps for your Android device that will make you laugh each time you fire them open. Read More

Funny Apple Siri Commercial for Apple Scotland [VIDEO]

Some people really like to trouble Siri, the humble personal assistant. Now here is another humorous commercial that is targeted at Apple Scotland. Siri cannot understand the Scottish accent properly and that is what this commercial is aimed at. It includes certain spoilers, so before starting make sure the volume is a bit low. Read More