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Fotopedia National Parks Is Free Now

Fotopedia have made a name for themselves by creating iOS Apps that showcase awe-inspiring photographs taken by a professional photographer of scenic beauties. To celebrate National Park Week and Earth Day, Fotopedia National Parks which is usually available for $0.99 is now available for free on the App Store. Read More

Take a Tour of Paris With Fotopedia Paris for iOS

fotopedia parisAll previous applications by Fotonauts Inc have been a blockbuster. The aim of the applications is to help you travel and discover the amazing places in the world directly from your iOS device. The fourth App from Fotopedia is based on the same concept, but specific to Paris. Read More

Presenting The Amazing Colors of Humankind’s Last Treasures – Memory of Colors App

memory of colors

Fotopedia has long been collecting amazing pictures that are jaw dropping and stunning. Today, the company has unveiled its third new App for the iPhone and iPad called “Memory of Colors” that presents amazing pictures of humankind’s last treasures.

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Fotonauts Changes Travel Yet Again With National Parks App

fotopedia national park

Fotonauts, a company that completely redefined virtual travel with their free Fotopedia Heritage App for iOS has done it once again. Today, Fotonauts Inc has announced Fotopedia – National Parks for iOS that will take you around national parks right from your iOS device.

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DevDialogue – Fotopedia Heritage App Developer Speaks

All of us yearn to travel far and wide to see the wonders of the world and the great places all around. Fotopedia realized this dream of the vast multitude and has put together Heritage which brings to each one of us this opportunity through the virtual medium. We go behind the scenes to find out how this creative group conceptualized the idea and converted into a reality through the involvement of international agencies and the community at large. In an interview with TheAppleGoogle, Mr Adrian Measures of Fotopedia shares with us their experiences and future plans.

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