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Get On Top Of Your Finances With Spending Tracker For iOS And Android

Spending TrackerQuite often it happens that we don’t realize where we spend all our money every month. Luckily, today we have handheld devices that can help us solve such problems. Spending Tracker by MH Riley Ltd. is a recent addition to the Finance category of the App Store and a great App to keep on top of your finances. Read More

Next for iPhone – The Fantastic Expense Tracking App (REVIEW)

nextNext is a brand new App for the iPhone coming from the developers of the highly popular Moneybook and BudgetBook Apps for the iPhone and iPad. Personally, I use BudgetBook for the iPad on a regular basis and it is my go-to finance App. So why Next when Moneybook already exists for the iPhone? Read More

BUDGT Is A Gorgeous Finance App for iPhone

BUDGTThere are way too many finance Apps in the App Store. And all basically have the same set of features. For a finance App to be successful, it needs to be easy to use, have the basic financing options and looks absolutely gorgeous. Well, that’s exactly what BUDGT for iPhone is. Read More

Top 5 Finance Apps for iPad

Finance App iPadFinancial applications for mobile devices are yet to flourish in the various App Stores around today. However there are definitely some very promising developments, which have a vast potential to be transformed into something, significantly more powerful and suitable for replacing the use of the traditional PC.

For the most part, these applications are designed for the user to keep track of their personal or corporate income and expenditure. They allow you to keep track of the transactions made on your various accounts and budget according to what you are spending at any point in time. Read More

Tim Cook Speaks on iPad 2, Android, and Steve Jobs

timcookAt Apple’s quaterly earnings conference call, Tim Cook – Apple COO made some interesting comments about the iPad 2, competition with Android, status in Japan, and health of his CEO Steve Jobs. About the iPad 2, Tim Cook says that the demand has been staggering, and that they are finding it hard meet the demand. Read More

Apple Sold 7 Million iPads in One Quarter


Apple today announced its financial results for the first quarter of the year 2011. The numbers Apple presented are staggering and this has been Apple’s best quarter ever.

While every area of Apple’s business bloomed, the iPad attracted an amazing number of people. In just this holiday season, Apple sold 7.33 million iPads which is 3 million more than the previous quarter. As more schools, colleges, institutions, individuals, and even governments adopt the iPad, the sales are going to definitely increase. The sales are so high that the device has overtaken Apple’s complete Mac business in terms of revenue.

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Apple’s Record Breaking Quarter Results

apple earnings

Apple recently announced its financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2011. This quarter, Apple has broken all previous records and has generated massive revenue of $26.74 billion.

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Financial Times Names Steve Jobs Person of the Year

steve jobs

Steve Jobs, a visionary and the phenomenon behind Apple has been named the Person of the Year. Time Magazine recently chose Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO as its Person of the Year, leaving behind Jobs in the dust.

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Cool Guide for Best iPhone and Android Finance Apps

finance apps

Looking for a finance App for your iPhone or Android device? has published an extensive guide covering all the latest and greatest Apps from the finance category and have listed the pros and cons of each one of them. We personally love to use Mint on both platforms.