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Apple Looking for App Engineer To Bring New Features to iMessage and FaceTime

facetimeApple is now looking for a new iOS Communications Application Engineer who can help add breakthrough new features to iMessage and FaceTime. According to a job listing on the Apple website, the position for an engineer is available at the Cupertino offices and the person will be responsible for “taking the revolutionary iPhone to the next level.” Read More

How To FaceTime on iPad

facetimeSo you have a new iPad with a much more improved camera system and also a front facing camera which proves to be excellent for video calls. Apple has an in-built feature called “FaceTime” which will allow you to make and receive video calls from another iOS device or a Mac. If you have an iPad, here is how you can make a FaceTime call to someone else owning an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or a Mac. Read More

iMessage for Mac? Here’s a Concept

iMessage, the Blackberry Messenger killer is only available for iOS devices, but what about the Mac? Apple has not yet announced its plans to port the messaging App to the Mac, but just as they did with FaceTime, the App must be available for Mac to make the process extremely seamless. Here is a video concept of how Apple can implement the feature. Read More

Hack Makes FaceTime with iPad Possible

Intell” has a hack that allows users of the first generation of the iPad to use FaceTime without any issues. Using this hack, you can install FaceTime for iPod touch 4 on an iPad, and use the application in full-screen.

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Two Cameras in iPad 2 and PhotoBooth


Apple recent release, iOS 4.3 for developers is leaking out a lot of information about future iPads. According to a new rumor, the iPad 2 would include two cameras, a rear facing one and a front facing camera. The cameras would support Apps such as FaceTime, a regular Camera App, and PhotoBooth.

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Skype’s iOS App Now Supports Video Calls, Bye FaceTime

new skype video call

Skype has released an update to its iOS application that brings the highly demanded video calling feature. The new Skype App allows users to make video calls using an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, or fourth-generation iPod touch. iPad users of course won’t be able to make video calls, but they can surely receive video calls.

Video calls using the new Skype App can be made over WiFi and 3G. “We think it’s really important because it will make it easier for people to share moments,” said Rick Osterloh, vice president of products for Skype.

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Two Cameras in iPad 2?

ipad 2

According to a recent report from Reuters, the next generation of the iPad will have two cameras. Reuters have confirmed with multiple sources who claim that the new next generation magical tablet would be released in 2011 and would sport two cameras.

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FaceTime Comes to Mac

In an event today, Steve Jobs, Apple CEO announced that FaceTime will now be available on Mac. He even reported that in the first 4 months Apple has sold about 19 million FaceTime devices.

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Next Generation iPad Possible Design Revealed

Today, PatentlyApple reported that China’s Patent and Trademark Office has officially published a series of new Apple Industrial Designs. According to the reports, the next generation iPad would definitely have a front-facing camera for Face-Time and will also include a two way dock connector.

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New iPod touch – Ultimate Guide

iPod touch 2010

At an event today in San Francisco, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs announced a refresh of the iPod lineup. The iPod touch was updated too and the new device ships with iOS 4.1.

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