Facebook Reviews Its Policies In Light Of The Ad Boycott Bandwagon, “Stop Hate For Profit”

Facebook has attracted massive backlash from its employess, lawmakers and other stakeholders over the issue of hate speech. Facebook witnessed widening of Ad Boycott, called “Stop Hate for Profit” which came after the death of George Floyd, to force the company to take a step on hate speech and misinformation. More than 90 large advertisers including Coca-Cola, Unilever and Levi Strauss pulled back from advertising on Facebook because of certain unacceptable posts not being withdrawn from the site, which led to the company’s stock to fall by 8.3% on Friday, eliminating $56bn from the company’s market value. Mark Zuckerberg has refused to dislodge but has made modification to its company’s policies. Read More

Facebook Gaming Stopped From Arriving On The App Store By Apple

Facebook’s application for launching its Gaming App on the iOS App Store has been rejected for the fifth time, according to a report by The New York Times.

Facebook has been repeatedly been denied permission to arrive on the App Store since February as it can jeopardize the Gaming Service – Apple Arcade. Facebook announced its Gaming App back in April amid the COVID-19 lock-down restrictions. The App which is available on Google Play Store, lets the users play simple HTML5 games and watch live-streams of other players. Read More

Facebook For Android Gets Dark Mode And More

Facebook-Dark-ModeWith the dark theme hitting the market and gaining its popularity for a long time in many Apps such as Instagram, Facebook Lite, WhatsApp Messenger and Messenger, Facebook has been going in its own pace. Reports had suggested that Facebook is working on the same, but nothing solid had been seen until now. But, with the recent news doing its rounds, we have come across interesting screenshots that show progress in the arrival of dark mode for Facebook as well as a bunch of other exciting and brand new features as well. Read More

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Facebook, WhatsApp And Instagram Suffer Major Global Outage

Three major Apps of social media – Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram stayed shut yesterday for close to 8-10 hours. This global outage was due to some server issue which rendered all these Apps useless until the issue was fixed today by the company. After long hours of waiting, Facebook clarified the issue on Twitter saying that the issue has been resolved and should work perfectly for al users. Read More

Facebook Rolls Out Dark Mode For Messenger

Facebook announced today that it has enabled the dark mode feature on its popular Messenger App for a select number of users on iOS and Android. The company has been working on this update for a long time now and they are gradually releasing it to the crowd in small steps. The feature is still in the beta version, but it is luckily working for some users who can activate the dark mode by following some basic steps. Read More