Apple Calls Out Meta for Charging Nearly Half of Metaverse Purchases

Apple calls out Meta for taking almost 50% of Metaverse purchases. Pictured, apple logo to the left, meta logo to the right

Meta has revealed that it intends to charge 47.5% as a commission fee on digital purchases made in its Metaverse. This has come as a surprise to many, as the digital giant was vocally critical of Apple’s high commission fee. The Cupertino tech giant charges a steep 15-30% commission fee on all App Store purchases. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, has been consistently calling out Apple for having monopolistic and anti-competitive practices. Now with Meta’s commission fee publicized, Apple has highlighted Meta’s hypocrisy.

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Apple’s App Tracking Restrictions Cost YouTube and Facebook Billions

Appleā€™s app tracking crackdown is costing Facebook & YouTube billions. Pictured youtube icon open on a smartphone, a laptop, and a tablet.

Since a lot of users’ private and sensitive data is stored on digital devices like smartphones and tablets, app tracking has become a cause for concern. In order to reduce the amount of surveillance done on users by apps, tech giant Apple has begun cracking down on app tracking. In 2021, the tech giant introduced the App Tracking Transparency feature in iOS 14.5. This feature is meant to act as a shield for iOS users. It stops developers from tracking users across websites and other apps. When a user rejects tracking, it gets harder to collect data on users to create user profiles that can identify their interests for tailored advertisements. This consumer-focused update by Apple has been costing big digital corporations such as YouTube and Facebook billions in revenue.

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Online News Act May Require Digital Giants to Pay for News in Canada

Pictured, Google office. The Online News Act affects digital giants like Google.
Image Source: Google

The rise of digital platforms saw the rapid decline and replacement of news outlets with online sources. Now, with over 450 news outlets having shut down since 2008, Canada introduces the Online News Act. This legislation by the Canadian government requires global digital giants like Google to pay for local news content. This move is similar to the precedent that Austrailia set by passing a landmark law in 2021.

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Zuckerberg Introduces New Company Values, Employees To Be Called ‘Metamates’

Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg, on Tuesday, introduced a new set of company values which encourage employees to be “Metamates” and treat each other respectfully as they work towards future goals. Zuckerberg shared the new company values on his Facebook page as a note to employees. The revised company values comes following a series of changes made to rebrand the Zuckerberg-founded company, which started with its renaming from ‘Facebook’ to ‘Meta’ in October.

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Meta Threatens to Take Down Facebook and Instagram Service in the EU

Meta Platforms Inc. is yet again threatening to pull it’s services from Europe if it is prevented from exporting user information back to US servers. This threat comes in response to a new law in the EU that mandates all companies gathering user information within the EU to store and process it on European servers. However, Facebook and Instagram process their data on both European as well as US servers, which is essential for targeted ads and businesses operated on these platforms.

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Privacy Policy Changes to Cost Meta $10 Billion in 2022

iPhone 13 in assorted colours. Apple is introducing privacy policy changes

Tech giant Apple‘s iOS privacy policy changes reportedly will cost Meta $10 billion this year. Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has accused that the privacy policy of the Cupertino company favors Google over app-based platforms like Facebook. Meta CFO David Wehner ha an earnings call with analysts late on Wednesday. Wehner mentioned they have seen revenue impact with iOS changes in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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Meta Takes Multiple Spots in the Most Popular Apps (2021) List

With the year wrapping to a close, it is only fitting to look back at the events of the year past. Thus, Apptopia, a consultation company, has come out with its ranked list of the most popular apps of 2021 globally.

Before beginning with the list, it should be kept in mind that there were some minor differences in the process of compiling ratings for apps globally and for the United States specifically. The list of most popular apps globally in 2021 includes apps that were downloaded the most number of times on both iOS and Android. With that, let us begin with the rankings of the most popular apps globally (2021).

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Apple Releases List of Top 10 Most Popular App Store Apps for India in 2021

With December upon us, the end of the year is fast approaching. It is, thus, only apt that we retrospect and take look at the apps that garnered the most popularity among smartphone users in 2021. Recently, Apple released its list of apps and games that enjoyed the most popularity in 2021 in the Apple App Store. The list, of course, includes the expected apps, but features some unexpected names as well. Listed below are the ten apps that were most popular in India in 2021.

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YouTube Issues Statement on Removal of Dislike Count on Videos

In a statement on Wednesday, YouTube announced that they will stop publicly displaying the number of “dislikes” in order to protect content creators from targeted attacks and harassment. Critics have long cited the public nature of the number of likes or dislikes as harmful to mental health. With this move, YouTube joins the likes of Facebook and Instagram, which allow users to opt out of this feature. People using YouTube may still click the “dislike” button available under videos on the platform, but will no longer be able to view the total tally of dislikes.

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