Evernote’s Smart Peek Uses Smart Cover to Power App

smart peekThe most amazing thing about the iPad 2 is the Smart Cover. Smart Cover auto aligns magnetically to the iPad 2, and wakes the iPad 2 when opened, and puts iPad 2 to sleep when closed. Evernote has announced a new App that use the power of the Smart Cover. Smart Peek from Evernote helps you remember things in a much more fun filled way. Read More

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DevDialogue – Noteshelf HD App Developer Speaks


Noteshelf HD is a note-taking App that allows you to take handwritten notes on your iPad. With a stylus, it feels almost as if you are writing on a paper and you can always use your fingers for an enjoyable and smooth handwriting experience. In an interview with TheAppleGoogle, Rama of Fluidtouch.biz revealed the concept, future plans and even shared his thoughts on the Mac App Store.

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