Top 5 Educational Apps For Kids On iPhone and iPad

Educational AppsKids are learning to use iPhones and iPads from a very early age. Toddlers master the art of swiping and tapping even before they learn to say mummy and daddy. So why not use this skill and their desire to play with electronic devices to help them learn. Educational Apps for kids are in high demand which explains the extraordinary number of children’s Apps on the App Store. To help you choose the best App for your child we, at TheAppleGoogle, have picked our favourite educational app from five different categories: Letters, Math, Geography, Music and Miscellaneous Fun. Read More

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Potty Training: Learning With The Animals – A Fun App To Ease The Potty Training Jitters

pottytrainingYour toddler is growing up and the time has come to teach her a very important life skill: going to the toilet. As any parent would know this is not easy. There is the tantrums, the crying and the plain refusal to go anywhere near the potty. This is where Potty Training swooshes in to make this experience a little bit better. Read More

Kids – Play Exciting Pirate Based Adventure Games In Tales of Pirates for iOS

talesofpiratesSail your pirate ship across a challenge filled ocean with Tales of Pirates for iOS. Tales of Pirates is a collection of 13 different mini-games, all requiring some degree of manual dexterity to complete, and all strung together with a simple plotline of getting your pirate ship to sail a route through various sea features. Read More

Help Your Kids Discover The World With Kids Planet Discovery for iOS

Kids Planet Discovery App Logo

Developed by LA FACTORIA D’IMATGES, SERVEIS GRAFICS, SL, Kids Planet Discovery is an application which combines many different, child friendly, games into one simple and aesthetically beautiful App. The whole idea behind the App is to help your kids discover the world in a fun and education manner. The type of games situated within this application can range from a simplistic and intuitive ‘memory based’ game – whereby your child is presented with a grid of cards and they have to match them all up in a certain amount of time, to a slightly more complex ‘strategic game’, which requires your child to think outside of the box. In addition to this, your child is given a fantastic opportunity to explore the world’s extensive lengths by way of the videos, which are available for your free viewing. This is a great way to get your child to subconsciously learn about different cultures through the whole idea of having fun. Read More