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Dropbox Acquires Mailbox App for $100M

Dropbox and MailboxThis was sure to happen. Mailbox, the uber famous mail client for the iPhone had to be acquired by some giant, and today the news has come that Dropbox has acquired Mailbox App for $100M. According to TechCrunch, multiple sources have confirmed that the deal was finalized at $100M in cash and stock. Yahoo also approached Mailbox with a buyout offer, but the team hesitated to be a part of Yahoo lackluster mail system. Read More

Apple Turned Down in Attempts to Buy DropBox

dropboxUnless you were in seclusion the whole time, you must have heard that Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, has resigned, and Tim Cook, has acquired this position. We all expected change. And now, we recently heard a rumor, that Apple attempted to buy DropBox, the popular cloud storage service for $800 Million, but apparently, they declined the offer.
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Dropbox for iOS Adds Multiple Photo Upload

dropbox updateDropbox has updated its iOS App today that adds the ability to upload bulk photos in one go. The Dropbox 1.4 update will let you upload multiple photos and videos at once, and also import documents from other Apps into your Dropbox account. A dedicated “Uploads” tab has also been added to make the upload process more simple and accessible. Read More

GoodReader for iPad Update Adds Dropbox Sync, Better Download Management


GoodReader, the best possible document reading application for iPad and iPhone has been updated to version 3.3 which adds a much awaited feature that allows users to sync their documents to Dropbox or other remote syncing services including SugarSync.

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Top 5 Text Editors With Dropbox Sync for iPad

text editors

In recent times, there has been a flood of simple document creation apps that support Dropbox sync. The concept is extraordinary and allows for creation of quick documents that are always synced with Dropbox and can be viewed quickly from almost anywhere using any device.

In this section, we will highlight the best of such Apps that would make content creation on your iPad simple and efficient.

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Giveaway – Noteshelf for iPad

noteshelf icon

Noteshelf is the best ever application for the iPad that will fulfill all your note taking and touch screen handwriting needs. You can easily take handwritten notes on your iPad using Noteshelf and they turn out to be extraordinarily good. There are loads of themes, backgrounds and colors to choose from.

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DevDialogue – Noteshelf HD App Developer Speaks


Noteshelf HD is a note-taking App that allows you to take handwritten notes on your iPad. With a stylus, it feels almost as if you are writing on a paper and you can always use your fingers for an enjoyable and smooth handwriting experience. In an interview with TheAppleGoogle, Rama of revealed the concept, future plans and even shared his thoughts on the Mac App Store.

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SugarSync Now Lets You Store Data Up To 5GB for Free


SugarSync is an amazing file-syncing service that allows you to store data on the cloud and access them from anywhere and from almost any device. The company offers a lot of payment plans currently out of which one is a free plan.

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AppSpark – iA Writer for iPad

writer ipad

A new writing App that has been featured by Apple is “iA Writer”. Brilliant typography, additional keyboard functionalities, remarkable user interface and sensational dropbox integration make the App a chart topper.

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AppSpark – Elements for iPad

elements icon

Creating content on an iPad is fun with its extraordinary keyboard and the gorgeous large display. There are loads of note taking and text editing Apps for the iPad but once content is created, transferring them and accessing them from other devices is a pain.

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