YouTube Music Hits 15 Million Downloads In India

YouTube Music is not new in the market but it was only recently launched in India. A new announcement by Google CEO Sundar Pichai spoke about YouTube Music getting over a 15 million installs in the country. He further said that India is the fastest growing market for the company and they will keep improving the services for the users with the addition of more content. Read More

App Downloads Will Cross 102 Billion This Year, Gartner Research Shows

App Downloads - GartnerAccording to a new research by Gartner, global App downloads will exceed 102 billion this year. 90% of these App downloads are made from Apple’s App Store on iOS, and Google’s Play Store on Android. These downloads will lead to over $26 billion in revenue from applications. Read More

iTunes Crosses 25 Billion Song Downloads

Steve Jobs Announcing 1 Billion Songs SoldPhillip Lüpke, an iTunes user downloaded the song “Monkey Drums (Goksel Vancin Remix) by Chase Buch and guess what he got in return? A $13,500 iTunes Gift Card from Apple. Why? Well, it appears that he was the one who downloaded the 25th billion track from iTunes. Today, Apple announced that iTunes has crossed over 25 billion downloads and it is witnessing 15,000 downloads every minute. Yep, every single minute. Read More

Temple Run for iOS Hits 36 Million Downloads. Wow!

Temple Run, the highly addictive free game that has been on the top charts lately has just hit 36 million downloads via the App Store. More than 36 million people have been playing this game and are loving it and referring it to family and friends. In the game, you simply swipe and use your device’s accelerometer to navigate, collect coins and stay away from monkeys. Read More

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