Developers Share Thoughts on Mac App Store

mac app store

We are really excited about the Mac App Store. It is a brilliant idea and we would love to see the product that is created when a Mac and an iPad are fused. The Mac App Store is destined to be as successful as its iOS counterpart but we wanted to hear what developers, the geniuses behind the success of these creations think about the idea.

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DevDialogue – 9 Questions With ‘The Omni Group’


The Omni Group has delivered breath-taking and award winning Apps like OmniFocus, OmniGraffle, OmniGraphSketcher and more. It has grown into a large organization that focuses on developing electrifying productivity Apps for iOS and Mac OS. We caught up with Naomi Pearce of The Omni Group who described the vision of the organization, future plans, secret behind the success and the relationship with Apple.

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DevDialogue – Alien Blue App Developer Speaks

alien blue

Jason Morrissey helped bring Reddit back to life with his exceptional Alien Blue App for iPhone and iPad. Alien Blue connects iPhone and iPad users to Reddit in an extraordinary manner and makes Reddit better with its perfect interface. This is what Jason had to say about the idea, future of Reddit, Apple’s approval process and the future of Alien Blue in an interview with TheAppleGoogle.

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DevDialogue – Finger Physics App Developer Speaks

Finger Physics is a popular title from PressOK Entertainment that is enjoyed by over 40 million users. With updates that add new levels every month, great graphics and a mind boggling experience, Finger Physics has become a best seller. In an interview with TheAppleGoogle, Stephanie Casey of PressOK Entertainment describes the idea, relationship with Apple and the future plans of the organisation.

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DevDialogue – Grazing Browser App Developer Speaks

grazing icon

With Grazing Web Browser for iPad, ThinkBitz has redefined web browsing on iPad. Its unique tabbed browsing interface, Thumpad and extraordinary search bar completely blows away the competition. In an interview with TheAppleGoogle, Colin Knowles of ThinkBitz describes tabbed browsing, his eureka moment with the App and gives us a sneak peek into the future of the App.

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