iOrnament App – 450,000 Downloads And 1,700 Reviews – Indie Developer Interview

iOrnament 2

We talk to the developer of the iOrnament App. The App is extremely unique and is all about drawing creative geometry art. While it may appeal to only a certain group of people, the numbers are highly impressive. We talk to the developers of iOrnament to get a deeper understanding of the App concept, marketing strategy and take a look at the behind the scenes picture. Read More

Climbing Up The Charts – Moneygrabber! for iOS Developer Speaks (DEVDIALOGUE)

Moneygrabber for iOS

A brand new game – Moneygrabber! has impressed users with its inspirational graphics and unique concept that is all about the moolah (money). With a very unique game concept, the App is being loved by users worldwide and is climbing up the charts. The App also got featured by Apple under “Best New Games” recently. In this exclusive interview, we talk to the developer of Moneygrabber! for iOS – Marten Bruggemann. He shares with us his marketing strategies, some numbers from the game and tips for new developers. You can also ask him any questions in the comments section below and get a reply directly. Read More

An Exciting Interview With The Founder Of The #1 Paid App – djay 2

djay 2 icondjay was a phenomenon, and djay 2, the recently released App from Algoriddim is here with a more robust UI and awesome new features. djay 2 is the next generation of the best selling DJ software for iOS and also the winner of prestigious Apple Design Award. In this exciting interview, we talk to the founder of Algoriddim, Karim Morsy to get a behind-the-scenes look. Read More

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All Apple Developer Services Now Back Online

devservicesApple today announced that all of its developer services are now back online after almost a month of outage. On the “Status” page that Apple set up for developers to help them understand which services were online, now all services are currently featuring the green mark. The services were down due to a security breach by hackers, but now, everything has been restored back. Read More

Apple Confirms Dev Center Downtime Because Of Breach By Hackers

Apple HackedApple’s developer center has been down for 3 complete days. Today, Apple confirmed that the developer center has been down because it has been breached by hackers. Apple is now sending out emails to developers alerting them about the situation. The regular iTunes account users will not be affected, only developer account holders will be affected by this breach. As Apple points out, credit card information was not compromised. There are no details as of now as to when the developer center might return back to its original state.

Android Studio – An IDE Just For Android Developers

Android StudioAndroid developers are getting a huge boost today. Google at Google I/O today announced the release of Android Studio – an IDE built just for Android developers so they can build and deploy Apps faster. This is nothing completely unique to the platform, but instead a much needed tool as most of the other major players in the market like Apple and Microsoft provide their own set of tools to ease the life of developers. Android Studio is a replacement for Eclipse. Read More