DevDialogue – Digital Poke Team Speaks

digital pokeDevDialogue returns! In this exciting interview, we have been able to have a chat with Digital Poke, the developers of the popular 360 Web Browser App. We discuss marketing strategies, competition in the App Store and the making of the incredible browser from Digital Poke. This exclusive interview gives you a behind the scenes developmental picture. Read More

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Adonit Media Speaks – Shares Startup Experience and Development of Writer and Jot

adonitAdonit Media has developed the most innovation keyboard case for iPad and iPad 2 that combines the power of a physical keyboard to iPad while retaining some very key things that make the iPad so incredible. Along with Writer, the team has also come up with Jot, a stylus that makes accurate touches possible. We recently talked to David from the Adonit Media crew, and he described the startup experience, the Apple case market, and some thoughts on why their products stand out. Read More

Planetary App Developer Speaks [DevDialogue]

planetaryA new App dubbed “Planetary” took the entire community by surprise with its amazing new interface. Planetary is an App that converts your plain iPod music list into something more interesting – a solar system. Songs, Artists, and Albums are represented as planets, and the animation is simply stunning. In this interview with Tom Carden of Bloom, we discuss the idea, the future of the App, and how data can be visualized into something much more intimate. Read More

Interview With iTunedSteveJobs [DevDialogue]

itunedstevejobsiTunedSteveJobs is a YouTube user who creates breath-taking auto-tuned videos of Steve Jobs. He makes Apple keynotes so much fun, and is loved by users. Many wonder how iTunedSteveJobs manages to create such extraordinary videos. In this interview with TheAppleGoogle, iTunedSteveJobs shares with us some of the tools he uses, his thoughts on Steve Jobs, and the future. Read More

Interview With the Creators of Foodstream [DevDialogue]

foodstream icon

Foodstream provides local results on food prices, bargains, pictures, new products, dining deals, happy hours, etc. With an amazing set of pictures of all kinds of foods, brilliantly designed application, complete integration with major services, and remarkable user experience, Foodstream is a service that would make an impact on the type of food you eat next. In an interview with TheAppleGoogle, Paul Lo – CEO and founder of Foodstream explains how he got the idea, the future of the application, and experience with Apple.

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Etude for iOS Developer Speaks

etude app

Etude for iOS is an App that every budding and expert pianist should have. Etude is the ultimate way to learn to play music on the piano. The App displays crisp clear sheet music, helps to learn the keys to press on the keyboard at each moment, browse loads of free music available, and listen to music using the in-built synthesizer. As the developer describes it, the App is “Sheet music on Steroids.” We talked to Daniel Grover to learn more about the App, and its phenomenal success story.

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Interview With the Developers of Postpad [DevDialogue]


Postpad for iPad allows you to quickly create and send digital cards directly from your iPad. In this new digital age, the App fits perfectly. In an interview with TheAppleGoogle, TapFuze – the developers of Postpad share with us their thoughts on the new Mac App Store, experience with Apple and the future of Postpad.

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