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Apple Developer Site Introduces App Design Tips For iOS 7


The Apple Developer Website has just been updated with tips and advice for designers looking to create Apps for iOS 7 powered devices. Read More

New Flat Icons for iWork, iMovie, iPhoto and Garageband Leaked by Apple

iWork AppsiOS 7With iOS 7, Apple adapted flat and minimalistic look for its icons, and is now taking that theme to its Apps on the App Store, as they leaked the new icons for iWork Apps, iMovie, iPhoto and Garageband. Read More

Apple’s Official WWDC App Now Live, Features Flat Design


Apple’s official WWDC App is now live on the App Store. Using it, developers can check out the entire event schedule and all the details of it. But more importantly, the App features an all new flat design which is something that Jony Ive plans to layout all through iOS 7. The design is crisp and neat. Read More

Jony Ive Among Time’s 100 Most Influential People In The World

Jony IveJony Ive has been named as one of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world. Jony Ive, the design guru at Apple who designed the iPhone, iPad, Mac and almost everything else that comes from Apple is now regarded as one of the top 100 influential people in the world. Jony has already been influential in the tech industry, but now his design sense has helped him achieve a whole new level. Read More

Apple Wants To Refresh iPad This Month And Introduce Brand New Design

Apple New iPad DesignAccording to a new story by Business Insider, Apple wants to refresh the iPad this month and introduce a whole new design. The company is planning to hold a media event at which it will announce the iPad refresh, according to a few Apple bloggers. Read More

Jony Ive on Blue Peter (VIDEO)

jonyiveDuring an interview on the British based children’s program “Blue Peter”, Jony Ive spoke about the focused attention to detail that Apple is so popular for. Jony mentioned that the company spends a lot of time naming its products as well. Read More

Google Is Copying iTunes

googleitunesAlthough Google has been accused of copying the design and style of Apple products a lot of times (consider Android), today The Loop posted some stunning pictures that clearly indicate the way in which Google is ripping off the iTunes music design and using it in their Google search results. Read More

Jony Ive Tired After Long iPad mini Event

Looks like Jony Ive, the design guru at Apple was extremely tired after the long iPad mini event. Perfectly captured on camera. Understandable Jony, delivering awesome products is tiring. Jony was also recently promoted after Scott Forstall was removed as VP of iOS Software development. Read More

Full Audio of 1983 Steve Jobs Speech from International Design Conference Available

In 1983, Steve Jobs gave a speech at the International Design Conference. As usual, it is full of wisdom and knowledge. The folks at got their hands on the complete hour long version which includes Job’s 20 minute speech and also the complete Q&A. The audio clip is embedded above. Read More

Animate Your Drawings With Animation Desk for Mac (Review)

Animation Desk for Mac has been developed by Kdan Mobile Software LTD which resides under the ‘Entertainment’ category in Apple’s Mac App Store. It gives you the great advantages of professional animation production and at the same time provides an intuitive UI (user interface) which allows you to do all of the powerful animation stuff with great ease. The aim of this application is to integrate the idea of advanced drawing skills and marrying them to easy animations which will undoubtedly impress your viewers. In order to create simple animation, you need to have some knowledge of layers, because this is the main process you should look at portraying in order to be productive with this application. Read More