Use This App to Test The Speed Of Your iPhone Data Connection

speedtestIf you’ve ever wanted to test how your data connection fairs, you would have probably already visited a couple of times by now. For those who haven’t, you can always download the Speed Test App from the App Store for the iPhone to instantaneously test the data connection speed that you are being offered by your carrier or by the WiFi provider. Read More

Google is First Web Company to Hit 1 Billion Users

google coolGoogle is the world’s very first web-based company to hit one billion active and unique users in a single month on its websites. According to comScore, more than one billion users actively use Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, Alerts, and more. Google has experienced an 8.4% increase compared to the previous year, and Google-owned websites are being actively used everyday. Read More

Apple Answers Questions on Location Tracking

apple questionsApple has responded to the questions asked by many of us about the location tracking done by the iPhone. According to Apple, the company has never tracked any user location and does not have any plan to do so. Apple has always valued user privacy, and it always asks the user before collecting user data including location. Apple does mention that it stores location of nearby WiFi hot-spots and stores them in a crowd-sourced database. This crowd-sourced database details are used by iAds to deliver location based contextual results. Read More

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