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Apple’s Spaceship Campus Design Aerial Photos Leaked


Aerial photos of the spaceship-like Apple Campus 2 have been released by AppleToolbox. The images show the complex under construction. Read More

Official Apple Campus 2 Video

Apple has posted an official video showcasing their incredible work with the upcoming Apple Campus 2 in Cupertino. See it above.

Apple Looking for App Engineer To Bring New Features to iMessage and FaceTime

facetimeApple is now looking for a new iOS Communications Application Engineer who can help add breakthrough new features to iMessage and FaceTime. According to a job listing on the Apple website, the position for an engineer is available at the Cupertino offices and the person will be responsible for “taking the revolutionary iPhone to the next level.” Read More

This Is How Much An Average Apple Employee Earns

cupertinoHave you been wondering how much an average Apple employee earns? Even though Apple is the most valuable company in the world, their payouts aren’t always in the millions. Here is the salary in ranking order. Apple does reward brilliant talent and keeps its designers and engineers satisfied. Read More

“Let’s Talk iPhone” Banner Up At Apple Campus in Cupertino

apple banner let's talk iphoneThe upcoming iPhone 5 event will not be held in Moscone Centre West in San Francisco, but rather at Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California. To prepare for the occasion, Apple has put up banners of its “Let’s talk iPhone” event. A 9to5Mac reader sent in the above photograph showing the banner. It is the same one that was sent to the press a few days ago, and the same one about which we discussed in this post. Can’t wait! Read More

Apple’s Spaceship Upcoming Campus Details Posted

apple spaceshipApple is building a new spaceship type campus in Cupertino, and details for the upcoming structure have been revealed. Steve Jobs already made it clear at a conference that the structure will be a breakthrough in glass engineering, and the every part of the glass will be curved. He also mentioned that design students will come to Cupertino just to have a look at the gorgeous piece of artwork that Apple is about to create. Read More