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Timely Alarm Clock For Android — A Gorgeous And Functional Clock

Timely Alarm ClockThe default Applications that ship with Android, the Clock App for instance, are great at what they do. But every now and then there comes along a third party App that simply takes its function to the next level, and Timely Alarm Clock, the gorgeous and functional Application developed by Bitspin, is one of them. Read More

Countdown++ is a Fully Featured Countdown App for iPhone

Countdown++ for iPhone is a neat App that has been designed to primarily serve the purpose of a good-looking countdown clock on your iPhone. Easily accessible, Countdown++ for iPhone has been wrapped in a good design and loaded with features. Read More

The Clock Collection – View Time in an Artistic Format

The Clock Collection is a new iPad only App that allows users to view time in an artistic format. The App is free and includes five different gorgeous themed clocks for you to begin with. In-app purchases also allow you to buy more themes directly and apply them to the clock for better viewing. The App also features support for complete alarm notifications and snooze alarm as well as a speaking clock functionality which will speak the time for you in 3 beautiful voices.
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