SwipeList Is Like Clear, But Free and Less Powerful (REVIEW)

swipelistA new App called SwipeList is now available on the App Store. What’s it all about? Well, it is just another to-do App, but clearly resembles the functionalities available in Clear. With the same swipe to complete or remove tasks and the same gestures, SwipeList is a good alternative to Clear and further more free with no ads whatsoever. It’s not as powerful as Clear, but includes some high quality gestures that would help you manage your daily to-do list. Read More

Clear – A New App That Will Help You Manage Your Tasks [VIDEO]

clear for iphone
Clear is a new upcoming App by RealMac Software and a new studio dubbed “Impending”. The App has a pure motive of helping you manage your tasks in a clear and much more efficient way. It features a bright orange background that really looks neat. At the moment, only a video demonstrating the App has been uploaded which really looks amazing. Read More