Extension of the Week – EyeDropper


The web is just so beautiful with amazing typography, jaw dropping colors, gorgeous images and speedy videos. Web Developers are often inspired by other web sites and try to include some of the features into their own site. If you are a developer, how many times have you navigated to a site and asked which color is that?

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Interview With the Developer of StayFocusd Extension [DevDialogue]


Extensions or add-ons help a browser to grow and enhance its features. The extension market has almost become as huge as the App arena and is growing with every passing day. While the world is just crazy about applications, developers are now also focusing on developing extensions that would increase the functionality of a browser. In an interview with TheAppleGoogle, Mr. Warren Benedetto – the developer of the popular StayFocusd extension shared his thoughts on the extension market, browsers and his Eureka moment.

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