Google Chrome Coming to iOS Soon

Google Chrome on AndroidFor the moment, Google Chrome is arguably the best internet browser for Macs and Windows computers, and now, according to a report by an analyst, you may be able to carry Chrome around in your pocket if you are an iOS device owner. That’s right, Google Chrome is apparently coming to iOS for the iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad. Read More

iChromy Brings Google Chrome to iPad

iChromy is a new free web browser from Diigo that aims to bring Google’s fast Chrome to the iPad. Although Google does not have any plans to port its popular browser to the hottest tabet of the generation, iChromy does a pretty good job of resembling Google Chrome. The browser features the same “Tabs on Top” look sported by Chrome, and also features an Omnibox which lets you search for items by simply typing it in the URL box. Read More

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Angry Birds Comes to Chrome Web Store for FREE

angry birds chromeAngry Birds is now available on the Chrome Web Store for free. At Google I/O today, Peter Vesterbacka, the CEO of Espoo, demonstrated the power of the game on the web. Google recently made “in-app” purchases available for Chrome based Apps which means that you can get Mighty Eagle for $0.99 from within the App. The web version is as smooth as the native version, and the experience is good. Read More

InvisibleHand Extension Now Helps Users Find Cheaper Flights

invisible hand flight

InvisibleHand, a free extension for most browsers including Chrome has added a new feature that lets users search for cheaper flights. The extension detects Google Product searches and automatically finds the cheapest price available from a wide selection of online retailers. With the recent addition, InvisibleHand will automatically display the cheapest price for flights when you search.

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