AirPods Pro Limited Edition Launched For Chinese New Year

Apple launched the limited edition AirPods Pro in the Year of the Ox to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

The limited edition AirPods Pro shares design and features with the regular model but has an Ox-themed artwork. on the charging box and retail box. The price of this limited edition AirPods Pro is the same as the regular one – 1,999 yuan ($ 310 / € 250) in China, HK $ 1,999 ($ 260 / € 210) in Hong Kong, SGD 379 ($ 290/235 €) in Singapore, TWD 7,990 ($ 285 / € 230) in Taiwan and RM 1,099 ($ 275 / € 220) in Malaysia. Read More

Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone — The Perfect Language Teacher (Review)

rosetta stoneEver been to a foreign country a number of times but couldn’t understand their language and accent despite several attempts? If that’s the case, or even if you are just keen to learn more languages and be a linguist, Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone is at your disposal. This free App has a lot of free courses helping you to learn more about other languages. Read More

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