iPhone 5 Prototype With 4 inch Screen and A5 Spotted

iphone 5The folks at MIC Gadget have managed to get their hands on a prototype of the new iPhone 5 with a 4 inch screen and Apple’s A5 processor. This prototype spotted by MIC Gadget has a larger 4 inch screen compared to the present 3.7 inch retina display. The casing of the device looks identical to the white iPhone 4, and MIC is not yet sure if the device is real or not. Read More

It is Not About Google Stupid, It is About All Of Them – China

When Google kicked up a row and threatened to walk out of China over the issue of Beijing’s web censorship, it had embarked on a tight rope walk while facing an ethical dilemma. On the one hand were the core issues of the principles of ‘freedom of expression’ and ‘right to information’, while on the other was the prospect of losing business at the expense of its stakeholders.

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