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Apple’s Town Hall Meeting – Tim Cook Talks About Share Price, Android, China and More

Tim CookApple recently held a meeting at the auditorium of De Anza 3 in Cupertino to congratulate employees after reporting “another record-setting quarter”. Tim Cook wanted to basically motivate employees and wanted to provide a whole new source of inspiration. During the meeting, Tim Cook discussed about stocks, Android, retail, China, employee perks and supply chain. Read More

iPhone 5 in China Sales Top Over 2 Million For Launch Weekend

iPhone 5 Box via PCMagThe iPhone 5 just got released in China and according to a recent press release issued by Apple, two million units of the device were sold around the launch weekend. Read More

iPhone 5 Production Rates Fall

Bloomberg reports that the production rate of the fastest selling iPhone yet has slowed down as Apple has increased quality control at Foxconn. At the moment, it is extremely hard to buy an iPhone 5 with new unlocked versions starting at $1,000 on eBay and other sites. Some customers who got the iPhone 5 noticed that the device was damaged and some found the device to be extremely prone to scratches. Read More

iPhone 5 Passes Regulatory in China

iPhone 5 ChinaThe iPhone 5 has passed the mandatory regulatory certification in China which now makes it ready to be sold in the country where the demand for the product is extremely high. As noted by Sina Tech, two iPhones received the China Compulsory Certificate approval on Monday. The iPhone 5 is rumored to go on sale in the country by the end of this year. Read More

This Is How The Magical Table, iPad Is Made [VIDEO]

You must have seen how the Coca-Cola manufacturing process works like or might have even taken a look at how super cars are made, but have you seen what goes into making the revolutionary and magical iPad? A new video on YouTube shows us how the iPad is manufactured at Foxconn in China. Read More

iPhone 4S Online Sales Now Available in China

A few days ago, we told you about how Apple smartly implemented a tracking reservation system for iPhone 4S in China to prevent large purchases from scalpers who sell the device at a much higher price. Apple also stopped the sale of the device via its online store because of the huge demand. Read More

Apple Prevents Scalpers With A New Reservation System for iPhone 4S

Apple Store BeijingYou may have read past articles about the problems that have been caused with the launch of iPhone 4S in China. As you can see from the picture of the Beijing Apple Store, there are many people waiting in anticipation – which is normal for the release of a new Apple product. However amongst this crowd, there are many “scalpers”, who go in as a customer and buy an iPhone and then sell them to people further back in the queue or online. And as you can probably predict Apple is trying to prevent this. Read More

iPhone 4S Sales Cancelled in Beijing, Users Throw Eggs

Swarms of people have been vandalising Apple stores in China after Apple suspended sales of the 4S. Customers who waited overnight in below minus 9 temperatures after Apple’s main China store, located in Beijing’s Sanlitun had not opened their doors. Apple was to open doors at 7:00 am but come 7:15 am, those waiting in line started chanting “liars!” and “open the doors”. Read More

iPhone 4S Hits 90 Country Milestone Next Week

Apple have announced that the iPhone 4S will start shipping to people in China and 21 other countries by January 13, which is next Friday. Apple CEO Tim Cook quoted “iPhone 4S will be available in over 90 countries making this our fastest iPhone rollout ever.”

Read More

Sharp Is Working with Apple on the iPad 3 Display

Apple iPad

The manufacturing company Sharp, who supply all of the iPhone screen panels have been confirmed as the supplier for the screens on the next iPad, according to the WSJ. In addition to this, Apple have made a deal with Sharp to open a new manufacturing plant in Japan, presumably where the next generation iPad will be manufactured as opposed to the current country, China. Read More