Peekaboo moments — Save Those Precious Moments (Review)

peekabooHaving a child is perhaps the most valuable gift a person could ever have. Raising a girl or a boy is a wild ride, and a ride you will never forget, especially their childhood. That’s why Peekaboo moments is offering you a way to store those moments forever, in the form of a beautiful album so you can store them online and share them for others to see. Read More

Play and Learn Classroom For iPad — A Classroom Full Of Fun

Play and Learn ClassroomPlay and Learn Classroom for iPad is a new educational App for children which, as the name suggests, simulates a classroom for children five years and under. Most educational Apps for kids focus on just one subject or ability, such as words, numbers, etc. But Play and Learn Classroom incorporates all these and more in just one App, helping your children to learn not just letters and numbers but also to be polite and considerate. Read More

Agnitus – Touch Enabled Learning App For 2-6 Year Olds

agnitusAgnitus is an interactive App for children in their early years. The App uses smart progression based technology to support child’s learning activities. It focuses on building the fundamental skills in reading, writing and mathematics. The App understands a child’s personality, and gives a personalized learning experience. Progress report is tracked and shared with parents on a regular basis with tips on how parents can help build their child’s potential. Read More

Help Your Kids Discover The World With Kids Planet Discovery for iOS

Kids Planet Discovery App Logo

Developed by LA FACTORIA D’IMATGES, SERVEIS GRAFICS, SL, Kids Planet Discovery is an application which combines many different, child friendly, games into one simple and aesthetically beautiful App. The whole idea behind the App is to help your kids discover the world in a fun and education manner. The type of games situated within this application can range from a simplistic and intuitive ‘memory based’ game – whereby your child is presented with a grid of cards and they have to match them all up in a certain amount of time, to a slightly more complex ‘strategic game’, which requires your child to think outside of the box. In addition to this, your child is given a fantastic opportunity to explore the world’s extensive lengths by way of the videos, which are available for your free viewing. This is a great way to get your child to subconsciously learn about different cultures through the whole idea of having fun. Read More

Roam & Wander Releases Sticker Games – Get Stickers For In-Game Achievements At Your Doorstep

Roam and WanderToday, Roam & Wander, a small Hong Kong and Taipei based Indie game and toy studio, made three announcements.

Their first title, Sticker Games, is one of a kind. What makes it so unique? Children get rewarded by real stickers, delivered right to their doorstep, for their in game achievements. Soon after its release, this bumped to #1 in paid educational apps, on the Taiwan AppStore. Today, the Mandarin version of the app will be launching in the US, and the English version will be here by March. Read More

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Number Splash for Android – Underwater Math Learning for Kids

numbersplashNumber Splash for Android is an incredible educational App for kids that will help them understand all about numbers in a fun and dynamic new way. In Number Splash for Android, the entire scenario is underwater which implies that all of the math learning that your kid will be doing is going to be underground. There are over six different game modes and the way in which Number Splash captures the entire gameplay is simply stunning. If your child is bilingual, Number Splash is the perfect solution. Read More

Kids – Engage With The Bible in Children’s Bible Games and Activities App for iOS

childrensbibleChildren’s Bible Games and Activities for iOS is an App by Barcelona Multimedia that will help your kid understand all about the holy Bible and engage with it. There are over 300 games and activities on over 60 bible stories that are narrated over comic strips. The main parts of the Bible are presented in a comic strip format that will make it easier for kids to grasp the concept. As a parent, if you are wanting to teach your kids about the Bible, Children’s Bible Games and Activities App is for you. Read More

Kids – Run your Own Pizza Store in Bamba Pizza for iPad

Bamba Pizza, developed by Mezmedia, is a game that allows your child to bring out the inner chef in him/her. Bamba Pizza lets kids make a pizza from their imagination and put them to work. And when an App lets you or your kids do all sorts of thing from your imagination, it does get interesting. Bamba Pizza allows players to choose one of the four characters – Timmy, Peppi, Sammy and François – the robot chef. Read More

Kids Can Choose, Wrap and Deliver Presents in Bamba Post Office for iPad

Bamba Post OfficeKids will have a lot of fun in Bamba Post Office for iPad. They can choose from a variety of presents, choose the colors, wrap them up, and deliver them in a unique fashion with Bamba Post Office for iPad. There are a few wacky characters like Yuri the Astronaut, Priya the Princess and Forest Frida
 who will be receiving the presents. Read More

Toddlers Will Learn Shapes, Colors And More In Puzzlino for iOS (REVIEW)

Puzzlino for iOS is an interactive game for toddlers and kids more than 2 years old. The App teaches kids all about colors, shapes and enhances creativity and memory. Puzzlino is a puzzle game with an extremely intuitive UI which will be pleasing for kids. With 4 game modes available, kids will have plenty of options to learn in a fun way. Puzzlino provides great educational value and is wrapped in an intuitive interface. Read More