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Marissa Mayer Is Now Yahoo CEO

Marissa MayerMarissa Mayer who has been working with Google for a long time, infact from the very early days is now the CEO of Yahoo. Marrisa has represented Google is numerous events and was Vice President of Google’s local efforts. She worked with Google for 13 years and with such an opportunity to lead Yahoo, she believes it was a reasonable decision. It is definitely a huge loss for Google and a big catch for Yahoo!

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Steve Jobs Mail Suggests iWeb Will Be Discontinued

iwebA recent mail of Steve Jobs posted by MacRumors appears to suggest that iWeb will be discontinued. While MacRumors has not posted a valid screenshot of the mail, it should be true. A customer sent a mail to Steve asking if he should find an alternative to iWeb’s website builder and someone to host his sites (iWeb), and Jobs replied saying “Yep.”. Read More

Steve Jobs – We Don’t Track Anyone

20110425-092133.jpgSteve Jobs has finally broken the silence on the whole iPhone location tracking issue. Even though the visionary Apple CEO is on medical leave, he managed to take the time to respond to an email sent to him by a MacRumors reader. According to Steve, Apple does not track the location of an iPhone users, and he firmly believes that Android does. Read More

Eric Schmidt’s Salary Increases From $1 to $1.25M

eric schmidt
Larry Page recently replaced Eric Schmidt as CEO of Google. It appears that the stepping down turned out to be beneficial for Eric Schmidt. He is now Google’s executive chairman, and his salary has been increased drastically. As CEO, Eric had a salary of $1 per year, but acoording to a SEC filing from Gooogle, he will be getting $1.25M per year along with a possible 400% target bonus from his base salary.

Larry Page Promotes Android, Chrome, and YouTube Development

Larry Page and Andy RubinThe new Google CEO, Larry Page has been brining about lots of changes in the company. For Google employees, the only way to get a good and healthy bonus is to do good in terms of social media. Both Google and Larry are clear that social media is the booming arena in which they need to invest. Read More

Larry Page Once Again CEO of Google

google trioBack in January, Eric Schmidt announced that he would be stepping down from the position of CEO to executive chairman of Google. He also mentioned that the CEO’s role would be handled by Larry Page, the co-founder of Google. When Google started, Larry was the first CEO of the search engine company, but after a while Sergey and Larry hired Schmidt or adult supervision. Read More

Former Sun CEO’s Wish They Had Bought Apple

apple logo

Former Sun CEO’s Scott McNealy and Ed Zander told eWeek that if on that one night Sun would have bought Apple, things would have been so different. Of-course there wouldn’t have been any iPads, Mac, iPods, iTunes etc, but even the brand power of Apple wouldn’t have been so strong.

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Netgear CEO Smacks Steve Jobs and Apple

netgear ceo

Netgear CEO has said a few things about the visionary Steve Jobs and Apple’s closed ecosystem in Sydney recently. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Netgear CEO, Patrick Lo said that Apple’s closed ecosystem will soon be overtaken by open sourced alternatives.

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Eric Schmidt Gets $100 Million From Google As Gift


Google has awarded Eric Schmidt $100 million worth of equity for all his hard work and co-operation over the years. Mr. Schmidt recently stepped down as CEO of Google and gave Larry Page (co-founder of Google) the chance the lead the company.

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Larry Page is Now Google CEO


Google’s Eric Schmidt has just announced that he would be stepping down from the position of Chief Executive Officer at Google and would continue at Google as executive chairman. Larry Page, the cofounder of Google would now be the CEO of the search engine giant and would manage all day-to-day operations.

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