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Noreve Leather Case For iPad Air — A Review

NoreveNoreve is famous for its luxury cases for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and much more. The cases are sleek, elegant and have a handcrafted quality. Recently, Noreve brought out the Apple iPad Air leather case: Tradition-9106T. Sturdy and robust, the 9106T makes for a handsome case which also provides full protection of the tablet. Read More

Mophie for iPhone 5 in the Making

We love Mophie. If you haven’t yet been exposed to the awesomeness of Mophie, Mophie is a small case cum charger for your iPhone. Just flip a switch and the case will automatically double your iPhone battery life. The product is absolutely amazing and works very well. We now await the launch of Mophie for the iPhone 5 and as Mophie announced on their blog, the team is working on a version for iPhone 5. Read More

Cord on Board Case From CaseInity Includes a Charging Cord Inside The Case

The Cord on Board case from CaseInity features a case which includes a small cord with a USB port on one end and a 30-pin connector on the other end. The case is versatile and the quality is very good. The back of the case is smooth and provides a strong grip.

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Win 3 Cases From CaseInity (GIVEAWAY)

a Rafflecopter giveaway has teamed up with the awesome folks at CaseInity to give away three Cord-on-Board iPhone cases by CaseInity. The case features a custom-sized USB cord which is attached right on the back of the case so you can charge your iPhone anytime you want with the accessory being available at your disposal at all times. Regularly, this incredible case from CaseInity is priced at $29.99, but readers can get it for FREE. Please find the details on how to enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter widget above. Good luck to you all, and a huge shout out to the incredible guys at CaseInity.

Handmade Felt Sleeves for iPhone, iPad and MacBook Provided By Biblio (KICKSTARTER)

biblioKickstarter is a great way to fund new and exciting projects as well as raise capital for that ‘billion dollar’ idea of yours. A new project tagged under the “iPhone” category is rather interesting. Biblio aims to provide handmade felt sleeve cases for the iPhone, iPad and Macbook that will help your device stay safe and also make you feel rather charming when you take out your device. Read More

Most iPad 2 Cases Will Fit your New iPad

So you went out and purchased the new iPad (if you were lucky), or even got it delivered to your house. You loved it, but suddenly the inevitable question arises, what about a case? You wouldn’t want scratches or dents on your new toy, would you? So you consider going to the market and buying one. But you remember that you had an iPad 2 before this and also had a couple of cases for it. And then you think, will they fit?

Well according to Apple employees at Apple stores and our testing, mostly all iPad 2 cases should fit the new iPad. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since the new iPad just has half a millimeter of difference from the thickness of the iPad 2.

Did you get your hands on the new iPad? How is it? Did you try any iPad 2 cases on it and did they work? Sound off in the comments.

Review – Ted Baker Designed iPhone 4S Case By Proporta

20111204-031107.jpgThe iPhone 4S is a very sleek device and it needs protection. While there are many case manufacturers offering solutions, this one from Proporta designed by Ted Baker from London is a very robust and intuitive covering.

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iPhone 4 Case Might Not Fit Your New iPhone 4S

phonesPlanning to get iPhone 4S? Glad that the dimensions of the device are just the same as your current iPhone 4, and that your accessories as well as cases will fit the iPhone 4S? You are wrong. Although the accessories might work, the cases apparently won’t fit in. Verizon iPhone users should have nothing to worry about, but for AT&T users, there is a possibility that you’ll have to get a new case for your iPhone 4S. Read More

Adonit Media Speaks – Shares Startup Experience and Development of Writer and Jot

adonitAdonit Media has developed the most innovation keyboard case for iPad and iPad 2 that combines the power of a physical keyboard to iPad while retaining some very key things that make the iPad so incredible. Along with Writer, the team has also come up with Jot, a stylus that makes accurate touches possible. We recently talked to David from the Adonit Media crew, and he described the startup experience, the Apple case market, and some thoughts on why their products stand out. Read More

This Case From Griffin Can Protect Your iPad From Theft

Griffin Case

Many people own iDevices and other products that are beloved to them, and the last thing they’d want is to have one or more stolen from them. MacBook Pros have slots to keep them locked down, a safety feature, but what about the iPad? Griffin has announced their TechSafe Case that will help you lock down your iPad to keep it protected from theft. Read More