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Leaked Next Gen iPod Nano Includes A Camera [PICS] have published a set of images that look similar to the ones published by them last year of the next generation iPod Nano which includes a camera system. The device from Apple has not been upgraded since a long time and a camera to the iPod would surely be a good addition. Read More

Camera+ Is Selling A Copy Every 3 Seconds

camera+ salesTap Tap Tap, the developers of the popular Camera+ application have just announced on their blog that their application is being purchased by users every 3 seconds. The company has to thank the release of the latest iPhone 4S for this success and the powerful camera system that the device sports. The company has generated over $5.1M in revenue, and with a price tag of just $0.99, it is already a huge success. Read More

Apple Plans to Release Two iPads in January

ipad vs ipad miniAccording to a very detailed report by DigiTimes, Apple will release two iPads in January 2012, one being really high end, and the other being a bit less. Both the high end as well as the lower end of the device will feature the same 9.7 inch screen. Read More

Pro-Share Is An All-in-One Picture/Video Uploader for iOS

prosharePro-Share is a really simple yet effective application which allows you to upload your pictures and videos to numerous social networks all from one App. You can upload your pictures/videos to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, YouTube and can even transfer pictures from one iOS device to another with Bluetooth. Read More

1080p Video From iPhone 4S is Stunning [VIDEO]

A video shot on the iPhone 4S from Benjamin Dowie on Vimeo.

The iPhone 4S includes an all-new revamped camera system that is capable of shooting 1080p HD quality video. A new video posted on Vimeo taken from iPhone 4S shows the stunning quality of the camera, and demonstrates its power. Read More

Camera+ – 3 Million Copies Sold, On Sale

camera+TapTapTap, the developer of the popular Camera+ application has just announced that it has sold over 3 Million copies. To celebrate the occasion, the folks at TapTapTap have created an infographic demonstrating exciting new facts and figures. Camera+ is the most exciting iPhone camera App that allows you to do things that are just not possible with the native camera App. You can edit, share, discover, add awesome effects, click pics like a pro, and do lots more with the App. Read More

iPhone Is The World’s Most Popular Camera

iphonecamGeekaphone has a cool infographic that shows how the iPhone became the world’s most popular camera. The inforgraphic features the top camera Apps on the App Store, celebrity iPhone users, number of pictures taken from the iPhone that have been uploaded to Flickr and more. Check it out below. Read More

Are the iPad 2 Cameras Flawed?

20110327-103028.jpgOne of the things that has disappointed people about the iPad 2 is its poor quality camera system. While getting an iPad 2 is extremely hard at the moment, people are also experiencing some kind of yellow stains on the screen, just the like the iPhone 4. Brian from Cult of Mac has recently posted a few photos and videos that show that some iPads may be experiencing issues with the camera system.
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It’s Official – iPad 2 Event on March 2nd

apple event

According to various reports, Apple has begun sending out invites for its upcoming 2nd March event to be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10:00 am. The mail apparently includes an image (top) which displays an iPad. The pictures clearly is covering the part where a front-facing camera would be present.

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Developers Want A Camera in iPad 2 The Most


A recent mobile development report by Appcelerator IDC indicates that the thing developers want the most in the next generation of the tablet from Apple is a camera. 1,478 developers filled in the survey and among a list of exciting features, 61% chose the camera option.

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