iPhone 13 And iPhone 13 Mini Cameras Might Be Different According To Dummy Models

Apple will be launching its new next-generation iPhone 13 series in September this year. From all the rumors that have come up so far, it can be said that it will be similar to the iPhone 12 series in terms of design. Now, some pictures of dummy models of the iPhone 13 models have come up which show us what the phone might look like.

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You Can Now Capture The Movement Of The Sky Using Your Google Pixel Smartphone

When it comes to the camera, Google Pixel cameras have always been the best. They not only take perfect low-light shots but also capture the night sky beautifully. Now there is a new feature that is going to be available with the next Pixel Drop in the coming weeks. This will make the Pixels phones the best in capturing the time-lapse of our Milky Way galaxy.

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Apple Introduces Night Mode For Pictures On iPhone 11

Apple released its new Night Mode for iPhone 11 today. The feature was released through its new brand new ad. You can watch it here.

The ad starts with a lightning matchstick and continues with a text “ Photos that come out at night.” It highlights the new feature throughout the video. The ad is a compilation of many photos with night mode off and night mode on of the same picture which shows a drastic change in both the images. The direct comparison between the two images shows the Night Mode’s quality of taking pictures at night. This feature is accessible through the camera App on the iPhone. Read MoreReviewsCollect Ad

Top 5 Photo Apps For Pixel 4

Google’s Pixel 4 smartphone is finally out in the market and in case you have already purchased this phone, we are sure that you must be exploring the in-built camera App. But if you are still not happy with the default camera App, there are many other photo Apps with amazing features which you can try. Here’s a list of the five best photo Apps for Pixel 4: Read More

Next Generation iPad Will Feature Multiple Cameras

We have already heard that Apple will be releasing 2019 iPhones with triple-lens camera setup. A new report from Asia now says that Apple is a planning to do the same with their new iPad and they will include triple-lens camera at the rear just like the iPhone 11. If it turns out to be true, it could really enhance the picture taking quality of the iPad. Read More

Pixel’s Night Sight Is Now The Main Camera Mode

The camera on Pixel phones is considered to be very powerful in terms of lighting, contrast, and colour ratio. The recently introduced Night Sight mode for Pixel’s camera has also become very popular based on its ease of use and reliability. Now, the company has made the Night Sight mode as the topmost mode when you open the Pixel Camera, over the panorama mode. Read More