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Tydlig: A Completely New Way To Use A Calculator (Review)

tydligThere are numerous calculator applications on the App Store but each one of them lack in a certain area. Some applications have great looks but limited functionality and vice versa. However, Tydlig, developed by Andreas Karlsson, has both the looks and full functionality and a whole lot more. Read More

Calculator for iPad HD is Free For A Limited Time

Unlike the iPhone, the iPad does not have a built-in calculator App for your calculation needs. The most versatile calculator App, Calculator for iPad HD is now free for a limited time. The App is robust and includes many different themes that you can use to customize the calculator. With a very simple and intuitive user interface, Calculator for iPad HD is an essential tool for all you iPad lovers. Read More

MK61+ Is A Programmable RPN Calculator for iPhone, And Very Advanced

MK61+ is a new iPhone App that gives you the power and functions of a RPN calculator right on your iPhone. Reverse Polish Notion is a mathematical calculation in which the operator follows the digit rather than being in between them. It is based on the Electronika MK 61 calculator, which is why the name “MK61+“. Read More