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Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs. We love you.

Today is the birthday (February 24, 1955) of Steve Jobs – the man who changed the world. On this joyous occasion, we’d like to share some videos that remind us of him. Here you go – Read More

Happy 28th Birthday Mac

mac28On January 24, 1984 Apple released the first Macintosh for $2495 and proved to the world why 1984 wasn’t like 1984. The Macintosh was born 28 years ago in a case with a monitor and came bundled with a mouse and a keyboard. Today, although it has come a long way, the original Macintosh was an altogether different beast. Read More

Happy 5th Birthday, iPhone

“Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.” This is how Steve Jobs introduced the beloved iPhone exactly five years ago to date. Read More

The Mac App Store Celebrates Its 1st Birthday Today

App Store Logo

1 year ago today, Apple made their App store available for the Mac OS X platform. Alongside Mac OS X 10.6.6 Apple released one of the first known desktop marketplaces for Apps. It gave a lot of exposure to budding developers and made App discovery for computers more easy. After just 24 hours since launch, 1 million Apps had been downloaded. Furthermore recently, Apple announced that they had reached the 100 million downloads milestone. They describe their desktop marketplace as the “largest and fastest growing PC software in the world”. Read More

Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs

steve jobs

Today is the birthday of a man who has influenced and changed the world. Today is Steve Jobs’ Birthday. Visionary, charismatic, dynamic, and revolutionary are the words often used to describe Steve, and he has done so much with Apple that has touched the lives of millions.

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Happy Birthday, iPad


Today, Apple completely revolutionized mobile computing with its revolutionary and magical tablet called the “iPad“. The iPad changed mobile computing profoundly and is as powerful as a laptop and as capable as a smartphone. On January 27th, Steve Jobs and company bestowed upon the world this amazing creation.

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