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Apple Confirms Beats Acquisition For $3 Billion

solo2Finally, we have confirmed news coming directly from Apple. Apple has acquired Beats Electronics for $3 Billion. In its official press release Apple has said: Read More

Apple Drops Beats Acquisition Price To $3 Billion

BeatsFrom the start of this month there have been numerous news items about Apple’s acquisition of Beats. Recently we heard about the probable delay of the acquisition due to a few reasons. The reports claimed Apple was in negotiation to buy Beats, headphone and streaming music company, for $3.2 Billion, making it Apple’s largest deal in history. According to a recent report of NY Post, Apple has dropped the price it’s willing to pay for the company to $3 Billion and the acquisition will commence this week. It’s not clear as to why Apple decided to lower its offer price, but it can be related to the reasons discussed in a previous article regarding the delay. There’s also a possibility that a leaked report saying Beats only had 110,000 paying subscribers made Apple more skeptical. Read More

Apple’s Acquisition Of Beats More About Talent

BeatsEarlier this month there was news about Apple’s plan to acquire Beats Electronics, though still there has been no official communication from either of the companies.  According to TechCrunch, a well-placed source who is familiar with ongoing discussions of the deal has confirmed Apple’s acquisition of Beats “is happening”. The deal which was close to falling apart many times has “70% certainty” of acquisition of the multibillion-dollar headphone company according to the source. Read More

Apple Could Buy Beats Electronics For $3.2B


Apple is in talks to buy Beats Electronics for an astonishing $3.2B as reported by the Financial Times. If the deal goes through, this would be Apple’s largest acquisition ever. Beats produces luxury headphones that have now become the trend and earlier this year launched an App that competes with Spotify. Read More

Apple Met With Beats CEO To Discuss Music Subscription Service

Beats Apple StoreApple reportedly met Beats CEO, Jimmy Iovine to discuss about a music subscription service. Google by way of YouTube also announced that they are looking into music subscriptions that will allow users to watch more music videos, but would instead cut down on the number of ads displayed to subscribed users. Read More