iPhone Repairs Just Got Cheaper After Apple Approves Third-Party Batteries

Good news for all the iPhone users as Apple has made third-party battery fitted iPhones eligible for repairs. This means that the overall cost of repairing an iPhone goes down considerably from before and there will be no restrictions if you want to get your iPhone repaired from an Apple Authorised Service Center. Read More

The iPhone XS Battery Case Is Compatible With iPhone X

Seems like iPhone X users will also benefit from the recently launched battery cases for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. New tests done by a Twitter user named @reneritchie, who is also the editor in chief of iMore, shows that the iPhone XS battery case works with iPhone X inspite of Apple officially claiming that iPhone X is incompatible with the case. Read More

New Images Show Smart Battery Cases For iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

iPhone XR users were glad a few days back as they could finally purchase the official Clear Case from Apple. The case is cheap to purchase and looks great as well with all the colour options available. Apple could also be planning to unveil the cases for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max by the year end, as we can see in some of the images that were leaked online showing the design of the upcoming Smart Battery Cases from the company. Read More

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Big News: Apple Releases Its Own Smart Battery Case – 25 Hours Life

Apple Smart Battery CaseApple launched its very first iPhone Smart Battery case today. This iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s compatible case is made up of soft touch silicone with a microfiber lining on the inside and like any other silicone case, it can easily be slipped onto the phone.
Apple claims that the case will extend the iPhone’s battery life to up to 18 hours of internet usage on LTE networks, up to 20 hours of video playback, and as much as 25 hours of increased talk time. When the case is in use, it will also display an “intelligent battery status” on the phone’s lock screen and in its notification center. Read More

Make your Android Battery Last Longer With GreenPower (REVIEW)

You would, most probably, have come across that one moment when take your phone out of your pocket and then you notice it is dead or your phone was just 100% charged and then in the blink of an eye it was 0%. Nowadays our smartphones are using too much juice in the background that hardly any of it is left for the user. So Binary Mango AS made came up with GreenPower to make sure that your phone last longer while doing the same stuff. Read More

iPhone Battery Life: 4 Quick Tips


“Siri, what in the world is wrong with my iPhone’s battery life?” This is what I found myself asking my “personal assistant” after a couple of days with fighting with my new iPhone 4S battery. She didn’t answer of course, but if she could, I can think of 4 easy things she would have told me to try. I’m here to pass those along to you.

Read More

3 Productivity Android Apps That Will Keep Your Life Organized

android marketLast week, we wrote about the 4 games that every Android user must have. Now we are going to take a look at a few Apps that will help you stay productive. Since there are so many different kinds of productivity apps, we tried to pick the ones that would be relevant to as many people as possible.  So without further ado here they are. Read More