iPhone 13 Series Will Get Bigger Batteries Than The iPhone 12 Series

As per rumors that are going about, Apple is all set to feature bigger batteries in its upcoming 2021 iPhones compared to the 2020 models.  There’s a new rumor fresh out of China, that the iPhone 13 Mini will be having a 2406 mAh cell, the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro will have a 3095 mAh battery and the iPhone 13 Pro Max will be sporting a 4352 mAh battery.

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WhatsApp To Add Dark Theme Based On Phone’s Battery Saver Settings

WhatsApp is currently testing out its dark mode for both iOS and Android before it officially releases it. So far we know that there would be the dark theme alongside the original white theme option. But now new reports say that there could be a third theme option for the users that adjusts the theme itself based on the phone’s battery settings. Read More

Google Says Dark Mode Helps Improve Android’s Battery Life

Lately, we have been looking at Google working on the Dark Mode for many of its Apps. The dark theme does look cool and comfortable on the eyes, but the latest claim by the company speaks about the relation of the dark mode with the battery life. Yes, it affects the battery on your phone and tests have shown that it apparently consumes less battery compared to the light themes. Read More

iPhone XS and XS Max Have Shorter Battery Life Compared To iPhone X

The iPhone launch gave us the most powerful new iPhones that are the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max among others. Though the price tag is pretty expensive, we got to see some incredible new features being added to the new iPhones where the iPhone XS Max comes with the biggest ever 6.5 inch display on an iPhone. Though, some of the recent benchmark tests have revealed that the iPhone XS and XS Max may just fall short on the battery. Read MoreReviewsCollect Ad