Google’s AR Headset ‘Project Iris’ to have Custom Chip, Cloud Streaming

The Verge cited various sources close to the project in a report that states that Google is developing a headset that will be capable of augmenting incoming videos from outward facing cameras and include different graphics. The present early prototype is similar to ski goggles and includes an internal battery, thus not requiring it to be connected for power. The headset runs on an unnamed “custom Google processor” which is presumed to be similar to or based on Tensor. Speaking about Tensor, Rick Osterloh, Google’s hardware chief, had said in August that it is the “perfect foundation for making big improvements in AR.”

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Apple Hires Meta’s PR Head for 2022 AR Headset Debut

Apple’s augmented reality (AR) device is one of the most anticipated launches set for 2022. As the year draws to a close, the tech giant appears to be taking steps to make the launch a success. According to reports, the Cupertino company has recently hired the communications lead of Meta augmented reality. This move comes ahead of the launch of Apple’s augmented reality headset in 2022. Mark Gurman wrore in his Bloomberg newsletter titled ‘Power On’ that Apple has brought on Andrea Schubert, who has been associated with Meta for nearly six years and is currently Meta’s public relations head.

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Google Reportedly Working on New Augmented Reality Device

Google was arguably the pioneer of the first generation of augmented reality (AR) research and devices. While other tech giants such as Apple and Meta have since then invested heavily in AR, Google appeared to have paused their efforts towards the technology. However, recent job listings seem to reveal that Google intends to change that soon.

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Apple May Abandon iPhone Devices in 10 Years: Kuo

Apple analyst and industry insider Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that with the company’s recent investments in the research and development surrounding Apple’s AR and VR headset, Apple may stop focusing on their iPhone devices. The much anticipated AR and VR headset, likely to release in the fourth quarter of 2022, is set to replace the iPhone devices over the next decade, according to Kuo. The future of Apple’s devices is ambitiously expected to be Augmented Reality (AR), and the popular iPhone devices will become obsolete over the course of the next ten years, according to him.

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Apple AR Headset Likely to Release in 2022: Reports

After ten years’ worth of research, Apple’s Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality headset is set to launch soon. Although the tech giant is yet to confirm it, reportedly hundreds of Apple employees are currently part of a secret research unit dedicated to this device. Apple’s much anticipated AR and VR headset is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2022, according to industry expert Ming-Chi Kuo. According to him, Apple will likely be selling over a billion Augmented Reality supporting devices over the course of the next decade.

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Google Is Bringing Jurassic World To Your Home With AR Dinosaurs

Google added Augmented Reality objects to Google Search after announcing the feature at its I/O conference in 2019. Since then, Google has been adding on to the list of 3D animals that one can view in search using AR. You can view Lion, Tiger, Dog, Cat, Shark and other animals right in your living room. Google has updated the list and added 10 new dinosaur options from Jurassic World. Google has collaborated with Universe Brand Development, Amblin Entertainment and Ludia Games, the studio behind the Jurassic World Alive game to bring to you this fun and interactive feature along with gaining knowledge about the dinosaur.

The dinosaurs viewable in AR include Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Pteranodon, and Parasaurolophus. These 3D-modelled animated figures make the right sound when the volume is turned up. Since these animals have a massive size, the auto-scale feature of your smartphone will detect the distance between your phone and the space of your surriunding and resize the animal so it fits in your phone screen. Additionally, you can also record the animated figure and make your own AR video.  Read More

The AR Camera Of Snapchat Lets Users Identify Dog Breeds And Plant Species

Did you ever come across a pup so adorable or a plant so fascinating that you had to know what it was? Say no more! Snap has integrated new Scan partners, Dog Scanner and PlantSnap into Snapchat, enabling users to identify plant and trees species, dog breeds, and nutritional facts about packaged food. When users “hold” on the camera screen, lenses are unlocked based on what they see in front of them. Snap claims that PlantSnap can identify 90% of all known plants and trees, and Dog Scanner recognizes almost 400 dog breeds. Read More

Apple Adds iPhone Executive Frank Casanova To Its AR Team

Apple wants to show the world that it is actually getting serious about Augmented Reality for the company’s future prospects. The company has included a new executive into the AR Team, Frank Casanova, who previously had handled the marketing team for iPhones. The new title for his job profile reads as: “Senior Director, Worldwide Product Marketing at Apple Augmented Reality.” Read More