AppSpark – River of News for iPad

River of News is an easy to use RSS Reader for the iPad. River of News imports all your feed data from your Google Reader account and displays the content in an interactive manner. You could choose to view unread items, starred items or even view all items. The App is for $2.99 and can be downloaded from the App Store.

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AppSpark – Doodle Sky HD

Doodle Sky HD is an amazing flight control game for the iPad with stunning graphics. The game has over 40 missions and each mission has a new objective which makes the game interesting. You could even choose between 8 different flights and your objective is to defeat your enemies, protect the VIP and take part in the decapitation strike.

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AppSpark – Little Things for iPad

This week, Apple chose a great game for all age groups as their iPad App of the Week. Little Things for iPad looks great, thanks to the advanced iPad display. The game chooses an object and lists some miscellaneous things that you need to find. Your job is to find the listed things as quickly as possible. Look at the video posted by AppSpark to see the game in action.

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