Google Play Store Redesigned



Great news for all you Android users – a new and transformed Google Play Store design is on its way.

Kirill Grouchnikov, the software engineer at Google, recently shared a few pictures of the new Play Store on his Google+ account. Even though it’s not very clear what can be expected, it’s certain from the pictures that it’s renewed, with smooth animations and a fun new layout. Read More

2015 Is Going To Be Huge For Apps

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2014 was the year of gadgets and operating systems. We witnessed the unveiling of the new iPhones with the iPhone 6 Plus sporting the biggest screen ever of any Apple phones. With a 5.5” screen it defied Steve Jobs’ rule of being able to use a phone with just one hand. Apple broke another rule by introducing an entry-level Mac at a fantastic low price. From Google there came Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, both an excellent new phone and tablet, respectively. And, of course, there were the smartwatches from both the giants. If this were not all, we also saw the arrival of iOS 8, Yosemite and Lollipop, and with these we got better performance, Continuity, and Material Design. But next year will be the year of the Apps! Read More

65 Percent Increase In Time Spent On Apps


Nielsen recently did a research on how many Apps do users actually use and how much time they spend on their mobile phones. According to the report, U.S. Android and iPhone users who are 18 years and over are spending more time each month on their Apps than they did two years ago. From spending 18 hours 18 minutes in Q4 2011 users are now putting in 30 hours 15 minutes in Q4 2013, which shows 65% increase in time spent on phones. Read More

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Apps Will Now Automatically Update In iOS 7

appstoreFinally, Apps will now automatically get updated in iOS 7. While iOS 7 boasts a huge “flat” design change, the App Store largely remains identical to the previous version. “Apps Near Me” is a new feature that will allow users to discover the Apps being used near you. Parents will also be pleased to learn that they can now filter Apps based on age ranges. Read More

Use AppCleaner To Uninstall Mac Apps Instantly

appcleanerUnlike Windows, uninstalling Mac Apps that have not been downloaded from the Mac App Store can be a pain. There are many uninstallers that help you uninstall Mac Apps, but the most efficient and free one is AppCleaner. AppCleaner is simply amazing. It features an intuitive drag and drop interface that allows you to simply drop Apps into the desired area to delete all files associated with it. Read More

Apple Updates Top 25 All Time App List for Both the Paid and Free Apps in Their App Store

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As the countdown to the 50 billionth App download in Apple’s live counter comes closer to the target, Apple reveals the Top 25 All Time Apps for both the paid and free App categories for both the iPhone and the iPad. The 50 billionth App Download promotion will be giving a $10,000 dollar gift card to the person who will download the 50 billionth App to be followed by $500 to the next 50 people. The list of the Top 25 All Time Apps is divided into four categories: Paid Apps for iPhone, Free Apps for iPhone, Paid Apps for iPad and Free Apps for iPad. Read More

60K Low Quality Apps Dropped from Google Play

Google PlayGoogle just dropped an estimated 60,000 low quality, and potentially malware carrying apps from the Google Play store. It is estimated by many and openly stated by Google that their store contains around 700,000 apps. The reason for most of the deletions is that the content directly violates some of Google Play’s Terms of Service. The most affected apps are those in the mp3/ringtone category, some of the deletions are due to the fact that some of these apps violate their terms of service regarding music but most are taken down for quality purposes. Some of the deletions also include apps that violate their spamming and ranking terms of service. Shown here is the section of the terms of service that removed apps violated. Read More

iPhoto Gets Over 1M Downloads, Brings in $5M

iphotoAs Jim Dalrymple [The Loop] reports, Apple’s latest App, iPhoto, an extremely sophisticated photo editing App for iOS which is a part of the iLife mobile suite has achieved over one million users in just 10 days. Astonishing. For clarification, Apple said that these are 1,000,000 individual users, not multiple downloads on different devices by a user. Since there have been 1,000,000 purchases, and the App costs $4.99, Apple has roughly made $5 Million off one app in just 10 days. Wow! Read More