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Steve Jobs and Andy Rubin on Privacy

Both Apple and Google are collecting your location is some way or the other. AllThingsD have posted a video compilation of Steve Jobs and Andy Rubin discussing privacy related to their mobile platforms. In the video, Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and Android godfather Andy Rubin make privacy related statements that seem to somehow relate to the present location tracking issue. Read More

iOS Notifications Need to Be Improved, Here is Another Mockup

notificationsAndroid is way better than iOS in terms of notifications. The way the OS notifies the user about anything is remarkable, and most people agree that the iOS notifications system needs to be revamped. Mock-ups and suggestions for the a better and much more unified notification system have been posted on certain websites, and here is another idea that sounds really neat. Read More

Amazon Kills Apple and Google Music Offerings With New Cloud Based Music Service

amazon cloud
Amazon has just revealed its new cloud based music streaming and storage service dubbed “Amazon Cloud Player” and “Amazon Cloud Drive” that will kill Apple and Google’s music services. The new service from Amazon allows users to store music in the cloud, and then stream it from the cloud using the Web or an Android device. iOS devices are not yet supported by the Cloud Player. Read More

Google Translate Comes to the iPhone

translate iphone

Google is slowly porting most of its mobile services to the iPhone. Today, Google announced that Google Translate is now available in the App Store for the iPhone.

iPhone users can now use the completely free App to translate words from one language to another. They can also speak in a particular language and translate it to another language by using the microphone button in the App. Listening to your own translations is also possible in 23 different languages.

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Google Brings Instant Previews to iOS

instant ios

Google Instant Previews, a feature that allows you to view screenshots of pages in the search engine results page itself is now available for iOS devices. If you have Instant Previews turned on, you could simply hover your mouse over a link and a screenshot of the desired page would appear on the right side.

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Developers Choose to Use PayPal Instead of Apple and Google for In-App Purchases

paypal mobile

Appcelerator and IDC recently released their mobile developer report for the month of January and as pointed out by PayPal, the report points out that developers prefer PayPal to both Apple and Google as their preferred in app payment method.

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Google Places With Hotpot Comes to iPhone

places iphone

Google Places is a handy App that allows you to search for common places like coffee shops, ATM’s, Attractions and Hotels based on your location. Places with Hotpot also personalizes your search results to give you the place suited exactly for you.

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iPhone 3G Running on Gingerbread (Android 2.3)

While Gingerbread is still not available for most Android phones, hackers have managed to port Google’s latest update for Android to the iPhone 3G. In a video posted at Redmond Pie, a jailbroken iPhone 3G runs on Gingerbread. The hack is based on the iDroid project and so you can dual boot iOS and Android.

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Google’s Chrome Cr-48 Running on Mac OS X [Hack]

Chrome Cr-48 was distributed by Google to allow users to test the capability and functionality of Chrome OS. Google does not plan to put it up for sale. The notebook that comes with Chrome OS has been hacked to run Mac OS X, Windows 7 and even Ubuntu. Good job, guys!

Apple Approves Google Latitude for iOS

latitude icon

Months earlier we speculated about this topic and today after one and a half years since the launch of the service, Google Latitude for iPhone has appeared on the App Store. The App was earlier spotted in the Japan App Store, but from now on, Google Latitude is available to all iOS users for free from the App Store.

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