Indian Developer Paid 75 Lakhs By Apple For Finding A Bug

Apple-Sign-InAccording to recent reports, Apple has paid a whopping sum of $100,000 grand to an Indian Developer named Bhavuk Jain who found out about a sign-in bug in Apple’s devices. The 27-year-old engineer found a Zero-Day bug in the ‘Sign in with Apple’ process that could have permitted programmers to access the client’s record where they were attempting to sign in. The Tech-Giant recognized this bug and expressed that it had explored and fixed it, including that this defect was not abused. Read More

Apple Requests LG To Increase LCD Panel Supply Urgently


In accordance with the latest news from sources that the demand for Apple’s iPad’s are in a tremendous amount especially in the Asian market. Due to this excess demand, Apple has requested LG t apply them with LED Panels for its iPad on an urgent basis to meet the demand of its consumers. Reports have also indicated that LG will begin its production in full swing as early as possible presumably from the beginning of June. LG needs to hurry up in order to meet Apple’s urgent needs at this hour. Read More

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Apple Offers Refurbished iPhone XR For Sale In US

Apple-iPhone-XR-The introductory price offered by Apple for its iPhone XR Model was on the lower end when put in comparison with Apple’s iPhone 11 series. Talking in precision, Apple’s iPhone XR was costing around $600 ( Approx INR. 45,300) which is a straight $100 lesser than iPhone 11 Models. As per latest news now, Apple has introduced a refurbished version of its iPhone XR Models in the US and these units are priced lesser than the original cost of the unit. Read More

Apple To Increase Domestic Production In India Under PLI Scheme

Apple-domestic-productionAs per the latest news, the government of India has dropped some clauses that has paved the way for Apple and others to increase the domestic production of its units in India. The Indian government has dropped vexed clauses which included the assessment of plants and machinery which were to be bought from China and South Korea. This issue had mainly been opposed by Apple and hence paved the way for Apple and Samsung, Oppo and Vivo amongst many others to increase their local production in accordance with the Production-Linked Incentive( PLI) Scheme. Read More

Apple’s New iPad Pro Is Now Out For Sale In India

Apple-New-iPad-ProApple’s new iPad Pro, which was released at the beginning of the year is now available in India for sale. Apple propelled its new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro prior this year in March. The new line-up were revived models of the more established iPad Pro however the feature was the consideration of double back cameras and a spic and span A12Z Bionic chip that made these new iPads the most remarkable ones from Apple yet. Read More

Apple Devices Charging Issues Fixed

Apple-device-not-chargingMany iOS users have been facing issues surrounding your Apple devices not charging beyond a certain point;80% to be precise. This issue has been lingering for quite some time now and many complaints regarding the same have been seen. Many users have been getting an error message which seems to be stating that the Apple device is not charging beyond 80% because the device temperature is high. Read More

Apple Now Offering Indian Customers To Configure Macs

Apple-MacbookLatest reports suggest that Apple has finally started offering Macs with the custom configuration in India to its customers. Customers will now be able to buy a customised version of MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini and other Mac products according to their own personal additions. The Tech-giant is now offering an entire variant of Mac with Configure-to-order (CTO) or Built-to-order (BTO) as an option so that customers can choose how they want their Mac devices to be. Read More

Apple’s iPhone 12 Series Launch Delayed By Two Months

iphone-12-appleAccording to latest source reports, Apple’s iPhone 12 series launch that was expected to hit the market somewhere around mid-September, is now being delayed by two months and will be expected to roll out by the end of November. Previous reports had stated a months delay to iPhones 12 Series due to the current pandemic situation but this turned out to be delayed by two months. Read More