App Store Lawsuit Against Apple Brought by Cydia Gets Dismissed

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Cydia’s lawsuit that claimed that Apples App Store has unfairly forced it out of business has been dismissed by a US District Judge. However, the court will allow Cydia to amend its complaint. The lawsuit was originally filed by Jay Freeman, creator of Cydia, in December 2020. It claims that Apple has used its monopoly position against Cydia, the alternative jailbreaking store. It alleges that it was forced to close due to of Apple’s unlawful app distribution control over iOS. U.S.

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Apple Hits $3 Trillion Market Value for the First Time Ever

Apple Park is the Cupertino headquarter of the 
$3 trillion tech company.

US based tech giant Apple has become the first company to reach the stock market valuation of $3 trillion (or £2.2trillion). Since the unveiling of the first iPhone by the company’s former chief executive and co-founder, the late Steve Jobs, Apple’s share price has risen by approximately 5,800%. Monday’s trading session in New York closed with a slip back down to $2.99 trillion. However, Apple still remains the first company ever to have reached the $3 trillion market value, a historic achievement in itself. However, its value slipped a little from that milestone, to end Monday’s trading session in New York at $2.99tn. Apple’s stock market valuation rose from $2tn to $3tn in a little over 16 months. In August 2018, the Cupertino company had become the first to hit a stock market valuation of $1tn. With a market valuation of $1.8bn, Apple had made its stock market debut in 1980.

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Apple Indefinitely Postpones Reopening Offices

On Wednesday, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook sent out an email to the corporate employees of the company confirming that they will be postponing their return to offices. Moreover, the email detailed that the company will provide all employees with $1,000 to be spent on purchasing home equipment. Earlier this year in November, the Cupertino company had informed employees that they were expecting them to resume work from their workstations in their respective offices starting February 1st, 2022. However, with a rising number of covid-19 cases globally, the date has now been substituted with an ambiguous “yet to be determined.”

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Epic Games Sues Apple and Google, Claims Google Formed ‘Fortnite Task Force’

Epic Games has been fighting it out with Google and Apple in the courts for more than a year now. The legal battle started when Epic Games challenged the in-app purchase policy of Google and Apple’s app stores with its launch of a version of Fortnite – Epic’s world renouned game – that included its own in-built system for in-game purchases. Following the release, both Apple and Google promptly removed Fortnite from their app stores citing breach of rules, causing Epic Games to sue the two platforms. Epic Games’ legal filings from this week claim that Google formed an internal task-force to tackle the problem of Fortnite evading Google Play Store and its fees.

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A13 Chip And Neural Engine Testing By Apple For Its Pro Display XDR

Apple is testing a new external display for Pro Display XDR with an A13 chip and Neural Engine for a high-quality resolution. According to 9to5Mac’s sources, while the Pro display will have a specialized internal chip, and a dedicated SoC, currently it is the A13 Bionic chip, the same one used for iPhone 11 series. The external display features the neural engine and is deemed to be the future of Pro Display XDR.

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Hyundai And Apple Negotiate To Manufacture An Electric Car

Based on a report by Korea Economic Daily, Apple is negotiating with South Korean car brand Hyundai to build a long-presumed electric car. The first report prompted multiple statements and revisions from Hyundai and was the first to compile a previous statement about Apple’s involvement.

Several car makers around the world have later omitted any mention of Apple. According to an interview with Korea Economic Daily, it was confirmed that Apple is negotiating with Hyundai Motor Group and proposing cooperation to launch Apple cars. On the side of Hyundai Motor Group, the review is already completed. Read More

“Efforce”, Steve Wozniak Launches New Venture 45 Years After Co Founding Apple With Steve Jobs

After more than four decades, Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder introduced the launch of its new company named as “Efforce.” It focuses on using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to make it affordable and much simpler for companies to finance environmentally sound projects. A lesser-known fact to most people would be, in 1976, Apple was co-founded in Steve Job’s garage along with Wozniak. Read More

15% Of The People In The U.S Using iPhones Have Already Installed Customization Apps For Their iOS 14 Home Screen

For the very first time, Apple is letting its users make complete customization of iPhone’s home screen with unique widgets along with the help of iOS 14. This move has increased the demand among all users to the next level. Sensor Tower has made a detailed analysis conveying how almost 15% of the people in the U.S using iPhones, at least have already one app installed to give the iOS 14 home screen a whole new appearance. Read MoreReviewsCollect Ad