Apple Watch Patent To Allow Sharing Files With Gestures

Apple Watch

It will probably be easier for Apple Watch owners to share more than just thoughts when they meet in the future. The details of a gesture-based method of exchanging files surfaced in a new patent filed by Cupertino company. Now, for the ones who would want to know a fellow Apple Watch owner better, this technology would share contact information with a handshake! Apple has applied for a patent on a system that would enable the exchange of information between wearables. Read More

Angela Ahrendts: Apple Watch Launching In ‘Spring’

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Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores, Angela Ahrendts, in a video message revealed the launch plans for Apple’s wearable device Apple Watch. According to her, the Apple Watch will be launched in Spring next year. During the unveiling of the Apple Watch, it was announced that the watch will be launched early next year and Ahrendts’ statement has made it even more specific. Ahrendts states that the Watch will launch after the Chinese New Year which is on February 19th. Read More

Why Tim Cook Said Development Of Apple Watch Took Three Years

apple watchIn his interview with Charlie Rose, Tim Cook spoke about something that Apple generally doesn’t speak on media platforms. According to John Gruber, Apple avoids discussions or statements on product development process as it doesn’t want the competition to know about Apple’s development cycle. But Tim Cook did speak about the time taken for the development of Apple Watch as he said, “We had an intense team working on this for three years”. Read More

How Thick Is The Apple Watch?

Apple WatchEverytime Apple launches a new product, the critics in the market have mixed views, with some standing by the product and with others finding reasons to say the product is not so great. Again, as Apple plans to launch its Watch, critics are finding reasons to say it’s not as unique as it should have been. So what’s the problem this time? According to the critics, the Apple Watch is quite thick and not sleek like the recently launched Apple products or other companies’ products that are coming out in the market. Read More

Gold Apple Watch Priced At $5000

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Early next year, Apple will be launching Apple Watch, the starting price of which was announced to be $349. Apple has classified these watches under three style segments: ‘Watch,’ which will be a standard watch with stainless steel case; ‘Watch Sport,’ which will be in light weight aluminium case; and ‘Watch Edition,’ which would come in 18-karat gold case. The Apple Watch sub site describes Watch Edition as

The Edition collection features six uniquely elegant expressions of Apple Watch. Each has a watch case crafted from 18-carat gold that our metallurgists have developed to be up to twice as hard as standard gold. The display is protected by polished sapphire crystal. And an exquisitely designed strap provides a striking complement.

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Apple Watch Packaging Doubles As iPhone Dock

Apple Watch

The next Apple product to hit the market in 2015 is the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is not just a watch or an additional notification product in sync with iPhone but much more. It has a health kit, home automation and Apple Pay features that make it unique and stand out from other similar devices. This time, how the Cupertino company will design its box will most probably get leaked before the watch reaches the market. But design companies have started to put their thoughts around it.  Evelio Mattos of Design Packaging has released a fantastic Apple Watch packaging design by taking it one step further. Read More

Can Apple Watch Be Apple’s Bestseller Yet?

apple watchI must say I was a bit disappointed when Apple decided to call their smart watch Apple Watch, instead of iWatch. iWatch, to my ears, has a much better ring to it, sounds fun and goes with the naming convention that Apple has followed so far. “Apple Watch” just doesn’t do justice to the watch’s ultra-chicness. My hope is that iWatch, as it had been rumoured so far, will stick and slowly take over. However, the name aside, when on 9th September I saw the presentation slide which said, “One more thing …” followed by a photo of the shiny, square watch, I couldn’t help but wonder if this device could become Apple’s bestseller yet. Read More

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Everything About Apple Watch

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Apple has unveiled its much talked about wearable device at the Flint Center. Termed as Apple Watch and not iWatch as speculated before, the watch comes with ample of features. It is square in shape and has straps available in multiple colours and patterns, including classic leather buckle, sport band, leather loop, and an easily adjustable stainless steel strap. The watch will come in two sizes and three distinct collections i.e. Watch, Watch Sport and Watch Edition. It also has a curved screen and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. Read More