Apple’s Upcoming AR Headset May Have 3D Sensors, Gesture and Motion Detection

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Apple’s AR headset, set to release in 2022, will likely possess a wide variety of advanced features. The much anticipated device will be equipped with these advanced sensors to support augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Ming-Chi Kuo, renowned Apple analyst associated with TF International Securities, has provided a detailed report in the investor note.

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Apple’s iPhone 14 and VR Headset May Support WiFi 6E, Says Kuo

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Apple’s upcoming series of iPhone 14 may have considerably faster and better WiFi connectivity, suggest reports by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. According to predictions by the TF Securities analyst, the new iPhone 14 series will likely support WiFi 6E. Additionally, Kuo suggests that the iPhone 14 series might not be Apple’s only set of devices with WiFi 6E support. Apple’s much speculated about headset is likely to include WiFi 6E support. Moreover, he suggests that this move by Apple will likely spur their competitors to also equip their future devices with this feature.

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