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First Apple Store In Turkey Opens

Apple Store Turkey

Apple’s first retail store is now open for the public in Istanbul at the Zorlu Centre, a centrally located multi-use space having a high end mall, hotel, office, residential and performing art center. The Apple Store has the latest subterranean construction as few other Apple flagship stores with four gigantic glass walls between a shallow pond made of black stones. The roof is white with a big Apple logo on top. The outlet has a showroom floor, special event area and dual genius bars all in 21,500 square feet space. Read More

Apple Gets Approval From San Francisco For Union Square Apple Store


According to a report by Re/code, San Francisco officials have given Apple the permission to go ahead with the construction of the Apple Store in Union Square. Apple claims that this retail store will be ‘more iconic than the Glass Cube Fifth Avenue store in New York City.’ Read More

Tim Cook To Visit Turkey For Apple Store Opening Ceremony

Tim Cook TurkeyAs we reported a few months ago, Istanbul will be home to Turkey’s first official Apple Store. Now, reports are coming in that Apple CEO, Tim Cook, will be making an appearance along with President Abdullah Gül, at the opening ceremony. Read More

New Apple Store to Open In Lansing, Michigan

applestoreAccording to new documents, Apple is planning on opening up its second Official Apple Retail Store in Lansing, Michigan. The venue for the opening is set to be Eastwood Towne Center. Read More

Apple Now Suggesting That You Restart Your iPhone Before Taking Genius Bar Appointment

Most of the times, iPhone users do not restart or soft-reset their device quite often. That’s the way Steve Jobs and Apple built it. The device does not have a switch that completely switches off the device (even if you slide to shut it down). Now, if you go to make an appointment for the genius bar via the Apple Online Store, you will be asked to firstly try a simple step. Read More

Apple Removes All 3G Based Devices Except For iPhone 4S From German Online Store

German Apple StoreEarlier this week Apple’s online Store in Germany appeared to have removed all of their devices with 3G technology, with the exception of the iPhone 4S. This was done due to the conflict with legal patent rights with the company, Motorola. This operation has been formally named ‘December injunction’. Despite this, German iPhone and iPad customers will still be able to pick up these 3G based devices in an official Apple Store and from an authorized re-seller. Read More

Apple’s New Dynamic Palo Alto Store Will Begin Work Any Day Now

Mercury News reports that Apple is experimenting with a new store type in Palo Alto that is a few meters apart from its store in 451 University Avenue. The new store will include skylight, trees and “inviting day-lit interior that is designed to dissolve the boundary between exterior and interior to connect the activity on the street and within the store,” Read More

Dynamic Comparison of Apple’s Old 5th Avenue Store Glass Cube With The New One

applestoreWow. Just follow this link, and you will notice a dynamically changing picture that compares the old Apple’s 5th Avenue Store glass cube with the new one. You can clearly compare the old version which included over 90 glass panes and the newer one which has a significantly reduced number of panes. It’s pretty amazing.


New Apple Store App Will Change Apple Retail Forever

apple storeApple is set to unveil an all-new version of its Apple Store App for iOS devices that will change the company’s retail operation forever. According to this latest report from BGR, on Thursday, the App will go live and it will bring with it two new remarkable features. The new version will allow users to online order products and pick them up at an Apple retail store to make the entire process faster, and secondly customers will be able to self check out in all Apple Store. Read More

iPhone 4S Lines Really Strong Around the Globe [PICS]

apple storeThis time, it is huge. Apple fans are lining up all around the globe to get their hands on iPhone 4S. Even Woz, Apple’s co-founder is in the line to get the much-anticipated device. People are believing that this is the last product on which Steve Jobs had his gold touch on, and so everyone is just wanting to get the iPhone 4S. We checked the Apple Store in Manchester, and the store just went out-of-stock. No more iPhone 4S available. What is the status about other locations? Let us know. Read More