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Next Weekend Apple Opens Its Eleventh Store In China


Next weekend Apple will open its new retail store in China, making it the eleventh Apple Store in the country. The new store is located in the Paradise Walk Mall in the Jiangbei District of Chongqing. Last week, Apple had put up a large colourful banner on the front of the store to inform passersby about the launch. The design of the store is similar to the format Apple has been following, i.e. glass entryway. The front is fully made of glass, and the sides of the store seem to be built of black blocks. Read More

Apple Revamps Its In-Store Back-lit Wall Graphics

wall graphics

A recent report by IFO Apple Store shares information about Apple revamping its back-lit wall graphics. Previously the graphics had white background with close-up shots of Apple products. The new visuals are colourful and rather than showing the products alone show the capability of the products. The display shows people using Apple products for services like Map, Music, camera and more. With the new visuals, which are inspired from their recent TV advertisements and iPad promotion campaign “Your Verse”, the mood of the store is also changed. Read More

Angela Ahrendts Plans Restructuring Of Apple Stores

Angela Ahrendts

Apple’s recent hire, Angela Ahrendts, had recently sent her first memo to Apple’s retail employees informing them about her future plans. She wrote about giving a new and delightful experience to customers every moment in line with Apple’s philosophy. She also wrote about plans to expand in new markets, developing new technologies and integrating platforms. According to 9to5Mac, in line with her recent communication, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores is planning a fundamental restructuring of Apple’s retail stores. Read More

Apple To Introduce More Stores With Glass Entryway


Similar to the iconic Apple Store in Pudong, Shanghai, Apple is introducing at least one more retail store in China with a cylindrical glass entryway. Read More

Watch The Opening Preparation Video For Omotesando Apple Store

As Apple prepares for the grand opening of the Apple Store in Omotesando, Tokyo tomorrow, it has uploaded a video on its official YouTube channel for its eager users. In one minute the video captures how Apple takes minor details into account before it opens the store to the public. Besides showing in and around the store and onlookers’ eagerness, the video shows the enthusiasm Apple store employees have.

Japan’s Upcoming Apple Store Sports An Eco-friendly ‘Green Curtain’

Apple Store

Apple’s environment crusade is not mere words and news articles; in fact Apple ensures it saves energy wherever and whichever way it can. Apple’s upcoming store in Omotesando, Japan is coming up with a new environmental friendly design not yet seen at any other store. Spotted by Japanese Apple blog Mac Otakara, the upcoming Apple Store seems to have an eco-friendly “green curtain.” It’s made of thick green vines and covers an entire side of the outlet. The other areas are completely covered by construction barriers so we can’t rule out the probability of Green curtain on other sides too. The store is expected to get operational by June end. Read More

Apple Granted License To Operate In Saudi Arabia, Say Sources

Apple in saudi arabiaThe sale of Apple devices in Saudi Arabia have always been through third party resellers. According to Saudi Arabian newspaper Al Eqtisadiah, Apple has been granted a license to operate in Saudi Arabia. The newspaper says that their source is from the Saudi Arabia’s General Investment Authority (SAGIA) and the source said Apple is now cleared to “fully operate” in the Kingdom. Read More

First Apple Store In Turkey Opens

Apple Store Turkey

Apple’s first retail store is now open for the public in Istanbul at the Zorlu Centre, a centrally located multi-use space having a high end mall, hotel, office, residential and performing art center. The Apple Store has the latest subterranean construction as few other Apple flagship stores with four gigantic glass walls between a shallow pond made of black stones. The roof is white with a big Apple logo on top. The outlet has a showroom floor, special event area and dual genius bars all in 21,500 square feet space. Read More

Apple Gets Approval From San Francisco For Union Square Apple Store


According to a report by Re/code, San Francisco officials have given Apple the permission to go ahead with the construction of the Apple Store in Union Square. Apple claims that this retail store will be ‘more iconic than the Glass Cube Fifth Avenue store in New York City.’ Read More

Tim Cook To Visit Turkey For Apple Store Opening Ceremony

Tim Cook TurkeyAs we reported a few months ago, Istanbul will be home to Turkey’s first official Apple Store. Now, reports are coming in that Apple CEO, Tim Cook, will be making an appearance along with President Abdullah Gül, at the opening ceremony. Read More