Apple’s Event On March 25 Will Unveil The News Subscription Service

Apple will be bringing an all new subscription based news service next month for the Apple users out there and the system will be similar to how Netflix works. The users who are interested in the service will have to pay monthly/ annual fees as a part of the subscription. The news service will cover a bunch of content from around the world and also include exclusive content from all the major publications. Read More

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Apple Planning To Raise $17 Billion To Fund $100B Capital Return Program

Apple MoneyIt is both interesting and weird to hear that Apple, a currently debt free company with about $144.7B cash balance, would be interested to raise $17B. If the sole reason for this action is to help fund the $100 billion capital return program, the company certainly has more than enough cash to fund it. The main reason why Apple is planning to raise $17 billion to fund the capital return program is that the bulk of the cash Apple has is held by overseas subsidiaries. Read More

Would You Pay $160,000 to Have Coffee With Tim Cook?

timcookAt first glance maybe you would think this is either a joke or an exaggeration, but it is not. If you want to have coffee with Tim Cook, you can bid at The website places the estimated value of the lot at $160,000 (at the time of this writing). The lot allows the winning bidder to have coffee with Tim Cook along with 30 minutes to an hour of his time at the Apple Cupertino Head Quarters. Travel, hotel and other expenses unfortunately is not covered by the lot and will be shouldered by the winner. The current bid as of writing is already at $160,000.00 with 48 bids already logged, this is amazing considering that there is still 20 days left to bid. Bidding will officially close on May 14, 2013. Read More