Apple’s Smart Glasses Could Be Operated Using Eye Gestures

Apples’s long-awaited Augmented Reality Glasses continue to attract news surrounding its specifications. The glasses can be paired to the iPhone and are expected to feature an interactive display in each lens, which will respond to certain gestures. A Bloomberg report suggests that the glasses will have holographic display enabling the users to view texts, email, maps, and more. Although, Apple hasn’t officially announced the AR glasses, according to a new patent┬áregistered by Apple, the glasses could be controlled with your eyes. The patent describes techniques for interacting with an electronic device using an eye gaze. “According to some embodiments, a user uses his or her eyes to interact with user interface objects displayed on the electronic device. The techniques provide a more natural and efficient interface by, in some exemplary embodiments, allowing a user to operate the device using primarily eye gazes and eye gestures” Read More

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