Apple Reveals The First Look Of The New Emojis Coming To iOS 14 This Year

Unicode Consortium approved 117 new emojis as part of the Emoji 13.0 list back in January. Android 11 Beta had already added the support for these emojis last month. In recognition of the World Emoji Day today, Apple on Thursday gave a sneak into the new emojis coming to iPhones, iPads and Macs later this year. Usually after the consortium approves the emojis, companies give it their own graphics to distinguish them from emojis of other platforms. The new emojis might be added with the release of iOS 14.1 or iOS 14.2, if past trends of releasing new emojis with iOS 13.2 in 2019 and iOS 12.1 in 2018 are considered. We can expect a beta release of these emojis over the next few months after iOS 14 makes its public debut. Read More

60 New Emojis Are Coming To Apple’s Keyboard

Apple is planning to add new emojis on iPhone, Mac and Apple Watches, close to over 60, never seen before emojis which will enhance the chatting experience of users. These emojis will be added as part of the keyboard where all the current emojis are located. There were developments on these new emojis earlier this year and now Apple has made it official. Read More

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New Emojis Announced by Apple in their New iOS 11.1

Apple EmojiApple has announced the introduction of over 30 new emoji with their iOS future update 11.1.

When comparing iOS to Android, Oreo version of Android has equivalent characters. However, not many Android users have access to the new version of it. However, developers are now trying to build support for these emojis for old Android users too. Apple, on the other hand, has announced the emojis but has not exactly given out the release date of iOS 11.1 or on its other devices. Read More

Apple In A Soup Over Inaccurate T-Rex Emoji


Apple can’t seem to please just everyone. In a recent news, Apple was fired by a scientist for using an inaccurate ‘T-Rex Emoji’. I couldn’t believe my ears, when I heard the same. Apple just introduced many new emojis and the new T-Rex emoji was one of them. Though most of the crowd was very excited to see the new introduction of a cute T-Rex emoji, it was not greatly digested by the Thomas Carr. Read More