Apple AR Headset May Get Delayed until 2023

apple ar headset

According to a new report, the much anticipated AR headset by tech giant Apple may face a further delay until 2023. The report suggests that the device will likely not launch until the beginning of the next year. Previous rumors had suggested that the Apple AR device would launch late this year. Considering this, the delay seems to be a minor pushback of the launch schedule.

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Rumored Apple AR/VR Headset Said To Start Mass Production In August-September

A report previewed by DigiTimes yesterday states that Apple’s AR/VR headset has finished production tests. The report, released today, claims that Apple is set to start mass producing the device around August – September. The report further adds that as production is set to happen in fall, the Cupertino-based company aims to launch the headset in 2022 itself. According to sources, the device – which will be Apple’s debut AR headset, and will primarily target professional vertical market applications- should be undergoing EVT3 soon before starting mass production in August- September, so that it can be launched by the end of 2022.

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Latest Google Smart Glasses May Compete with Apple’s AR Headset

Google Glasses used as representative image of the undisclosed Google smart glasses.

According to the latest reports from The New York Times, Google has been quite interested in exploring the market for augmented reality (AR) headsets recently. They had been pioneers during the first wave of augmented reality before slowing down on the endeavor. As of now, the last product in this category that Google had released was their smart glasses. The model was called Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. It was made available for purchase in early 2020. The New York Times report corroborates older speculation of Google working on an augmented reality device.

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Apple’s Upcoming AR Headset May Have 3D Sensors, Gesture and Motion Detection

Apple Store, Eton

Apple’s AR headset, set to release in 2022, will likely possess a wide variety of advanced features. The much anticipated device will be equipped with these advanced sensors to support augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Ming-Chi Kuo, renowned Apple analyst associated with TF International Securities, has provided a detailed report in the investor note.

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Apple’s AR Headset May Have Eye Tracking, 4K Micro-LED Display, among Other Features

An older statement by Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman noted that Apple’s rumored Augmented Reality headset was to come in a “complex, expensive-to-build” design and with “interchangeable lenses”. Gurman now has more to add regarding the user categories that the AR/VR headset will be catered towards. According to him, the headset is being created keeping three primary categories in mind – communication, gaming, and media consumption. This would mean that if the AR headset is designed to provide all – round performance, audiophile consumers would get left out.

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