App Store Connect Allows Developers to Track In-App Event Performance

Apple App Store icon. Apple is introducing App Store Connect.

Apple has issued a statement about the introduction of App Store Connect help app developers run in-app events better. It states that developers creating iOS and iPadOS apps will be able to view analytics data for in-app events. These analytics include data like event page views, reminder and notification data, number of event driven downloads and redownloads, etc. Developers will be able to break down and view every single metric based on territory, source type, device, and more. This will allow developers to understand how in-app events affect their app’s growth.

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Tumblr Blocks over 400 Search Phrases to Avoid Getting Banned on the Apple App Store

Tumblr has blocked over 400 search words and terms on its iOS app to minimize the risk of getting banned from the Apple App Store. The move comes soon after an ex-iOS software developer at Tumblr had expressed his frustration with the App Store’s reviewing process, describing it as asinine, random, perplexing, and discordant, a view, that he claims, is shared by a “vast, vast majority” of iOS software developers. While some terms have clear reasons for being blocked, such as to restrict access to sexually graphic and explicit content, some other terms featured on the list seem rather strange and inexplicable.

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Netflix’s Games will be Offered on the Apple App Store, say Reports

Netflix has officially launched its mobile gaming service as of a few weeks ago. While the game service is only available for Android users at the moment, the streaming giant has said that it has an iOS version in the works. According to Bloomberg technology reporter Mark Gurman, however, the Apple App Store has policies in place that will bar Netflix providing games from the app.

Apple’s App Store policy states that external apps cannot be allowed to serve as game stores or hubs, which has already become a source of conflict with Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and other cloud gaming services. The only path left for these cloud gaming services is to follow in Facebook’s footsteps and use a web app to provide their games.

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Apple App Store Gets Some Major Updates For Developers

Apple has announced a major update for its App Store today. This update will be changing the way developers understand the users. In this update, developers can target their apps to the users better. They will be able to get their app noticed by more users and also highlight what actions are taking place inside the app. This will give a push to the new users to download the apps and will also request the existing users to return.

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Another Scam App In The Apple App Store

Before making its way into the Apple App Store, an App has to clear a very tough screening process. This screening protest is known to detect fake Apps or harmful Apps. However, as we have known before and as we see now there are still malicious Apps entering the Apple’s App Store. The App that has recently done this had camouflaged itself as a kid’s game on the store.

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Here’s How An iPhone User Lost All His Bitcoin Savings In A Fake App Available In The Apple App Store

It has always been said to prevent any kind of fraud we must download our apps from trusted sources such as the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. But should one do if a fake app is available in a reliable App store? This is what happened with an iPhone user who lost all his savings of about $600,000 when he downloaded a fake Bitcoin App from the store.

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Apple’s App Store Revenue Share From Developers Who Make Under $1 Million Is Just 2%

According to app intelligence firm Sensor Tower, less than $1 million from Apple’s App Store this year account for only 2% of games revenue that has been generated by the App developers. Developers earning less than $1 million yearly would be entitled to 85% of the revenue share, an announcement was made by Apple. Read More

YouTube Music’s Explore Tab Will Now Show Users The Global Top Charts

In its attempt to introduce new and better features, and compete with other streaming platforms, YouTube Music has released another update. Its Explore Tab will now show global top charts to users.

The App released a second section in the bottom bar in June this year to replace the video-focused ‘Hotlist’. In late 2018, they added playlists for Top 100 songs and music videos. These playlists are based on the number of views a video is getting on YouTube and, according to Google, is the “most accurate representation of what’s happening in music culture.” Read More

Apple Releases New macOS Mojave 10.14.6 Supplemental Update With Important Bug Fixes

Apple released its new macOS on October 2nd to fix several bugs and issues that reportedly slowed down the Mac when they updated to Mojave 2020-005, the previous update. Mojave 10.14.6 is a supplemental update that comes with bug fixes and a relaunch for Safari 14, which also caused bugs for some users. Read More