TBWA Ads Performed Better Than Apple’s Own


Recently we reported on Apple moving its TV advertising in-house and loosening ties with old partner TBWA/Media Arts. Bloomberg has done a study along with Ace Metrix to capture audience responses to Apple’s recent in-house advertisements vis-à-vis TBWA/Media Arts advertisements for Apple. The report shows Apple’s in-house efforts yielded a low response rate compared to TBWA Ads. It was only Chicken Fat Ad (famously known as Strength Ad) that managed to score a good number of eye balls. The comparative study was done for three TBWA/Media Arts and five Apple in-house Ad. The recent ‘Parenthood’ Ad was not included in the study. Read More

iPhone Helps With Fitness, Shows Apple’s Ad Strength

Just days after Apple announced their plan during the WWDC to launch HealthKit, Apple’s ad Strength airs for the first time during the Stanley Cup Finals. The ad shows how the iPhone can help with a user’s health and fitness regimen. It also demonstrates how it can be used to interface with other wearable technology, health and fitness monitoring devices, and Apps. Read More

AppVersal Ad