Haloo Is A Graphically Stunning Dating App for iPhone

halooHaloo for iPhone and iPod touch is a dating App that will help you meet new people in your life. The user interface is strikingly beautiful and there are all those highly essential features like live chatting, picture sharing, location sharing, personal details and more that you’d expect to have on a dating App. You cannot use the App without registration (can also be done via Facebook). Read More

Help Your Kids Discover The World With Kids Planet Discovery for iOS

Kids Planet Discovery App Logo

Developed by LA FACTORIA D’IMATGES, SERVEIS GRAFICS, SL, Kids Planet Discovery is an application which combines many different, child friendly, games into one simple and aesthetically beautiful App. The whole idea behind the App is to help your kids discover the world in a fun and education manner. The type of games situated within this application can range from a simplistic and intuitive ‘memory based’ game – whereby your child is presented with a grid of cards and they have to match them all up in a certain amount of time, to a slightly more complex ‘strategic game’, which requires your child to think outside of the box. In addition to this, your child is given a fantastic opportunity to explore the world’s extensive lengths by way of the videos, which are available for your free viewing. This is a great way to get your child to subconsciously learn about different cultures through the whole idea of having fun. Read More

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Ninja Volley 2013 for Android – Volleyball With Ninjas (REVIEW)

ninja volleyNinja Volley 2013 for Android is an absolutely incredible 2D volleyball game for Android. The graphics are simply stunning and the way in which Ninja Volley presents the gameplay is enticing. It give you a complete volleyball game experience. Instead of a simple volleyball game, Ninja Volley tackles things with a twist, you’ve got ninjas playing volleyball. Read More

Capture Something New With PhotoHero for iOS (REVIEW)

PhotoHero LogoPhoto Hero provides you with the inspiration to capture that priceless photo you’ve always wanted to take. This application is designed to give its users some variety when taking photos on their iPhone or iPod touch, as it presents a criteria of different photos you are to take on a particular day. Each day you are given a main menu screen of “Missions” with 12 topics you have to cover, photographically, throughout the day. Moreover, at the end of the day you can go through all of the photos you have taken and rate them – this allows you to keep track of the photos you love. In addition to this you have the ability to reach out and socialize with your friends on this application by sharing your mission board with them, so that you can gain a second opinion on your photos and start a competition for who can populate the mission board first. Read More

Roam & Wander Releases Sticker Games – Get Stickers For In-Game Achievements At Your Doorstep

Roam and WanderToday, Roam & Wander, a small Hong Kong and Taipei based Indie game and toy studio, made three announcements.

Their first title, Sticker Games, is one of a kind. What makes it so unique? Children get rewarded by real stickers, delivered right to their doorstep, for their in game achievements. Soon after its release, this bumped to #1 in paid educational apps, on the Taiwan AppStore. Today, the Mandarin version of the app will be launching in the US, and the English version will be here by March. Read More

Appy Gamer for Android Review – All Your Gaming News, in One Place

If you are a fan of gaming, and would like to keep up to date on any information pertaining to that, then Appy Gamer is that perfect app for you.

What makes this any different or better than the two leading news apps on the Google Play Store, Pulse and Google Currents? This is directed to gamers only, and has news from all popular sources compiled and presented in an elegant and fun manner. It basically allows you to set up the topics you want related to gaming, such as Android Gaming, Microsoft, PS3, PS Vita Etc., and then displays this information in tiles, each having one of the topic you chose. Tapping the tile, takes you to all recent news from multiple credible sources about that topic. Read More

Top 5 Finance Apps for iPad

Finance App iPadFinancial applications for mobile devices are yet to flourish in the various App Stores around today. However there are definitely some very promising developments, which have a vast potential to be transformed into something, significantly more powerful and suitable for replacing the use of the traditional PC.

For the most part, these applications are designed for the user to keep track of their personal or corporate income and expenditure. They allow you to keep track of the transactions made on your various accounts and budget according to what you are spending at any point in time. Read More

Free Music Download Pro for iOS – Download Legal Songs, Videos and More

freemusicdownloaderThere are many apps on the App Store that can download free and legal music and videos, but it is really hard to figure out the best amongst them. Free Music Download Pro, developed by ASPS Apps, allows you to download music for free and delivers its promise. The reason why Free Music Download Pro works well is because it tries to perform as advertised. Read More

Apply Real-Time Filters to Videos With Cinema-trix for iOS (REVIEW)

cinema-trixYou’ve probably applied effects to your videos after it has been shot. But how about adding stunning visual effects while you’re capturing the video? Cinema-trix allows you to do just that. With Cinema-trix for iPhone and iPad, you will be able to add real-time video effects to your video. Even photos can be captured with the App. There are many effects for you choose from. Select one and simply start capturing a video. Read More

CleanUp Suite – All-in-One Contacts Management App for iOS (REVIEW)

CleanUp Suite is by far the most powerful contacts management App for iOS I have ever used. The App for iPhone and iPad will completely fix your address book. CleanUp Suite promises to be the all-in-one contacts solution you’ll ever need. With CleanUp Suite, you can remove and merge duplicate contacts, remove multiple contacts at once, manually merge contacts and backup and restore contacts whenever you’d like. Read More